Abdominal exercises on the horizontal bar and parallel bars

In addition to standard training simulators for the development of abdominal muscles well proven abdominal exercises on the horizontal bar and parallel bars.Along with the high performance they require proper equipment performance and more developed muscles of an athlete.This article deals with standard and special exercises for the development of the abdominal muscles and technology implementation.There will also be presented with professional advice and examples of systems for training on parallel bars and horizontal bar.

How to get rid of the injury?

not just a beginner, but advanced athlete doing abdominal exercises on the horizontal bar or bars may be injured.Firstly, banal fracture can occur by accident, since you are engaged at an altitude of more than a meter above the ground or floor.Second, in the exercise, the main burden falls on the muscles of the arms, that no training can not sustain the load.

In any case, the athlete must comply with the general warm-up exercises before the training on the uneven bars and horizontal bar.In addition to the warm-up, attention should be paid the retention of its own weight on the hands in the position of a horizontal bar for hanging-ups - for the boards.Approaching without training projectiles prohibited by many professional trainers.

Some on the bar

Exercises for the lower press on the bar recommended by many trainers perform with bent knees.In the hanging position, without swinging and pulling up on his hands, you must lift bent legs up, knees, trying to get as close to the chest.The technique of this exercise for beginners is strictly forbidden to sharply lower the legs down, returning to the starting position.So in addition to the strong muscles of the abdominal belt stretching acceleration of gravity play a cruel joke with the body - on the principle whip sharp jerks up and down can injure muscles and tendons untrained hands.

average level on the bar

more advanced athletes, judging by the numerous reviews in the media, professionals recommend to perform abdominal exercises on the bar without bending the knees - even "Corner", both physical education at school.Naturally, no swinging should not be - the legs are raised to parallel with the floor very quickly and fall a little slower.

There is a lot of disagreement about static exercises such as the "corner", "bracket", hold the body in a simulator for hyperextension and others.Definitely all these exercises have nothing to do with a set of muscle mass, so the growth of cubes on her belly and holding "corner" incompatible.And for dieters static retention legs will not be effective exercise.There can not do without a master class.

above only stars

Professional fitness trainers, bodybuilding, athletics and dance strongly recommend their charges to perform complete dynamic lift straight legs in position hanging on the bar.Technique Master Class involves touching the crossbar legs straight.It is clear that without a good stretch here not to do, and with a big belly to accomplish this is unlikely in the early stages of training, but this should strive for.And do not think that these abdominal exercises on the bar - for girls who wish to improve their figure.A full lifting the legs, not only the body requires a lot of energy from fat, a tremendous load on the muscles of the abdomen is able to get them to grow in volume - this is the most effective exercise of all existing for the press.

Reducing the load on the muscles of the arms

If you exercise the lower press on the bar seem to be too difficult and unbearable in the early stages, the rise of the legs can be carried out in a special simulator, which is vaguely reminiscent of the boards, but unlike them hashard stop for the back.In this simulator does not necessarily rely on the strength of muscles in the arms, because in order to facilitate the stop there are special mounts that allow athletes to keep the body on the elbows.Pretty convenient, efficient and less effective.

get used to such simulators are not recommended, as the abdominal muscles quickly become accustomed to the load, nullifying the exercise.By learning to raise the legs bent at the knees, it is recommended to immediately proceed to the lifting feet flat on the maximum height.This simulator developed good motor skills, through which the athlete will be easier to stay on these bars.

Legendary bars

Let abdominal exercises on the bar and more effective, but to carry out lifting legs still easy on the bars.The emphasis on direct hands more reliable, and the weight of the whole body seems to be smaller, so the athlete will be fully concentrate on the abdominal muscles, without worrying that in some point in the brush can unclench surge.

much difference in the technique of lifting the legs on the bars or the bar there - everything is almost the same.But if you study the responses of professional athletes, you'll find advice on the implementation of the exercise "scissors" on the bars to improve the relief of abdominal muscles and oblique muscles of the torso.The point of this exercise is to maximize breeding straight legs to the side and a quick note to its original position above the bars.

set of exercises for the beginner

All muscles need to rest - it is an indisputable fact.Therefore it is recommended to perform exercises for the abdominal muscles are not usually three times a week - ideally through the day.The complex for a beginner is to work out no more than three muscle groups per workout and no more than 5 exercises for the same muscle.Over the press work better at the end of training or after an intense workout with a little stretching.An example of a fitness trainer will help in drawing up their own facilities for training abdominal muscles.

  1. Lifting legs bent at the knees, on the bar - 5 sets of 15-25 times.Navigate to the maximum.
  2. Lifting the straightened feet on the uneven bars - 3 sets of 10-15 times.The retention of the priority position of the feet in a steady state, even at low lifting angle.
  3. Lifting legs bent at the knees on the uneven bars.Fixing the exercise is performed in 2-3 sets the maximum possible amount of time.

wishing to quickly get rid of fat recommended effective exercises for the press on the bar to perform quickly, and on the uneven bars - slowly.The break between sets shall be not more than two minutes.

Constant training

abdominal muscles, like everyone else in the human body, requires constant training.Therefore, having increased cubes should not relax - do not grow fat, but weight can be significantly reduced.Therefore, abdominal exercises on the bar must be followed by at least one workout a week.If lifting the straightened leg to touch the crossbar runs light, professional athletes and fitness trainers recommend the use of any special weighting ups with twists.

addition to exercises on the bar, do not forget about employment opportunities on the bars or specialized simulators.The abdominal muscles in no case should not get used to the load - must constantly be stressful.

In conclusion

Performing exercises for the press on the horizontal bar and parallel bars, the athlete should always be aware of the effective load on the muscles.There will be load - there will be growth.In addition to the weighting, efficient load is able to maintain the intensity of your workout.First of all, it is the speed of raising and lowering the legs without disturbing the technology implementation.In the second place - at rest between sets, which must be reduced to 30-40 seconds.The effectiveness of the exercises with the specified intervals apply to all the muscles of the human body - professionals guarantee a good result!