The convening of the Constituent Assembly in Russia

the Constituent Assembly in Russia has been the main problem of the country from the early 20th century.This body was to decide the most important issues of the state collapsing, only here to collect it could not ...

idea of ​​convening such a representative body has put forward in its demands Decembrists: they proposed to create, or rather, to revive the Zemsky Sobor precursor of the Constituent Assembly.Constituent Assembly - a kind of a parliamentary institution designed to solve the problems of the state structure of the country and adopt the Constitution of Russia.Such a body was badly needed in a revolutionary situation prevailing at the time.However convocation did not want to neither the Council nor the Provisional Government since these authorities were afraid of losing their power.

for the convening of the Constituent Assembly had everything: first of all the law.Regulations on elections to the representative body was established in August 1917.It sets some rules, namely the age limit (all citizens - with only 20 years, the military - 18 years) and the procedure of elections: universal, equal and secret suffrage.Elections to the Constituent Assembly were held in November of the same year.According to their results, most of the places to learn Russian Socialist-Revolutionaries - Revolutionaries (they were about 40% of the vote), second place was won the majority of the Bolsheviks - more than 23%.The rest were distributed among the Cadets, Mensheviks and other few parties.

Despite the fact that the long-awaited elections for a new organ took place in late 1917, he met only at the beginning of next year - January 5.

Constituent Assembly meant hope all parties and people to resolve the major problems: the structure of the country - namely, its form of government.

already captured by the time the power of the Bolsheviks, did not get a majority in the new Parliament, much feared for their positions, and it was not in vain.Deputies sat the whole day.

This meeting took place in the famous Tauride Palace in St. Petersburg revolutionary.

members elected by the people of many Russian parties could not reach a consensus, plus everything Constituent Assembly refused to accept the Bolshevik "Declaration of Rights of Working and Exploited People".

This meant that it refused to accept and Soviet power and all the decrees adopted by it.The famous sailor Zheleznyaka statement, addressed to the deputies that "help protect tired," marked the beginning of dissolution of the Constituent Assembly.It happened on the night of 5 to 6 January, and the evening of the same day, again came to the Tauride Palace, the deputies saw that it was closed.The decree on the dissolution of a long-awaited Russian parliament has been published and adopted by the end of January 1918.

the Constituent Assembly in Russia - this is just a cover for the Soviet government, only a pretext in order to be seen as legitimate.The meeting, to sit just a little more than a day, has not been able to solve the major issues, it was dispersed boyavshimisya losing power by the Bolsheviks.