Cabbage: the cultivation and care

on all your favorite cabbage has declined in popularity, and all because there are new varieties of not less tasty cabbage.Get at least, Chinese cabbage: it is also rich in vitamins and nutrients from it turn out very tasty salads, it is perfectly combined with other products.Many people mistakenly believe that the Chinese and Chinese cabbage - is one thing.In fact, pekinka, which is a sheet, polukochannoy and headed out - it's just a kind of Chinese cabbage, also applies here look as pak choy (cabbage Chereshkovaya).On the last hearing it is rarely necessary, but the cabbage has become for many of us is important, and most importantly pleasant taste food.It is worth noting that similar qualities has any Chinese cabbage.Growing her - not the most complex process, though with some of his zakovyrka.Today we'll talk about how to grow up on his site Pekinese cabbage.Immediately it is worth noting that this culture is growing, so that in one season, you can collect two or even three harvests.

Cabbage cultivation of love when the light day and the average temperature of 18-20 C. Temperature change transfers hard as well as do not like extreme heat.This is why planting Chinese cabbage best ever spring, when warm weather or in the late summer, when the main heat starts to decline, and the day will be a little shorter.When growing cabbage in the spring, it is advisable initially to plant seedlings.Cabbage growing seedlings that have taken place, will give an early crop.Conduct seed sowing seedlings can be both in greenhouses and in the room.It is possible to use in these cups, which are thrown in the two or three seeds.When they sprout, leave alone the strongest sprout.Seedlings planted in open ground should be careful, because cabbage is very bad survives.Planting seedlings do not necessarily, napa cabbage, cultivation of which began immediately with sowing seeds in open ground, also give the crop, but much later.Planting seedlings and seeds bran is made at a distance of 40-50 cm between rows and the distance of 35-40 cm between the plants themselves.

8-10 days after transplanting in the open ground is necessary to fertilizer nitrogen fertilizer, then slightly loosen the soil between rows.Cabbage growing love that which is well supplied with moisture.It is especially in need of moisture, when they begin to head out.It must be watered every day, if rarely rains.To the moisture evaporates so quickly, cabbage can impose dry grass, which at the same time will prevent plants from weeds.It is important to monitor and to ensure that Chinese cabbage does not affect various pests.They must be addressed in a timely manner.

Many growers faced with such a problem when cabbage is not headed out.Digging into useful literature, you can find this advice: when the leaves grow well, they need to collect in a bundle with a ring cut from a plastic bottle.The ring will not let leaves develop freely, which will head out.Many growers also claim that Cabbage growing love with cucumbers.For this purpose it is necessary to put on a bed of cucumber.Cucumber tops will protect it from heat and direct sunlight, which will gain strength cabbage.True, it is not established fact, as the impact on the growth of this neighborhood themselves cucumbers.

We must not forget that in different climatic zones of the technology of growing Chinese cabbage is slightly different, so the above recommendations often have to adjust their own.