Tempting work "fasovschitsa."

«I am looking for a job fasovschitsey" - such ads are very rare, because there is no trade with that name.In services fasovschits need and food companies, and some warehouses and factories that produce a variety of goods and shops.And at every production will be filled with his sense of the work.Fasovschitsa (woman or man) can pack gifts, sort labels, hang products in stores, disassemble, newspapers or magazines, and so on. D. For such work in St. Petersburg, fasovschitsa to find a job in Moscow, Vladivostok and other Russian cities.But if every woman will be able to cope with monotonous duties?

Who is fasovschitsa?

Sometimes this name combines two similar specialty: fasovschitsu and packer.These workers usually have no education because for packaging and sorting of goods, it is rarely necessary.Performing duties - a simple unskilled work.Fasovschitsa produces heavy and monotonous work.Even if you just have to lay out the candy bags or sort by size of coffee beans.Fasovschitse accounts for the whole day to perform monotonous, boring, mechanical work.It can not sustain everyone: very tired muscles straining the nervous system, and the cause is still the same job.Fasovschitsa gets piecework.This means that fewer "extra" movements worker performs, the more money it earns.


US researchers conducted a very interesting experiment.They have optimized the work packers working on the assembly line.The movements were designed strictly for Science and eliminates unnecessary gestures, head movements, and so on. D. The man is almost completely turned into a robot.Productivity rose at first, but then began to fall sharply.It turns out that the "extra" movements do not happen: they help relieve stress.Likened to a robot, a person begins to think hard, his intelligence is reduced.Perhaps that is why the post of gaining poorly educated staff, do not miss the mental activity.However, in some industries, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and so on. N., These workers must have special education.

«Work: fasovschitsa with earnings of 40 thousand a week ...»

These ads can be found in the media, advertising pillars, on the Internet.Unknown employers offer the house to lay the seeds on bags, cut and pasting tea labels manually to sort coffee.Women offer ultra-high salaries, free schedule.Materials, which have to work, promise to deliver at home or sent by mail.But ... arguing that raw materials (commodities) is very expensive (or a member of the elite class), potential workers are asked to make a down payment, which is then returned.It fraudsters.Fraud schemes they choose different.Someone disappears immediately after receiving the advance, someone does not pay the money earned.There are those who impose on the employee a penalty system that is not only profitable, but drives a person into debt such work.Fasovschitsa, choosing a type of activity should be cautious: it is low-skilled work and bring millions he can not.