Violet: the value of human life

Violet is associated with mysticism, mystery and profound meaning.He was particularly fond of creative individuals - poets, writers, philosophers.This color means knowing the meaning of existence, the role of man in this world, understanding the issues of life and death, good and evil.

Purple: the value

This color is multi-faceted.It accurately reflects the state of mind of creative people.It embodied the dignity and humility, melancholy and knowledge, intelligence and grandeur, luxury and melancholy, religious passion and calmness, sobriety and spirituality, intellect and humanity.Also purple symbolizes nostalgia, mourning, sorrow and old age.

Purple: the value of human life

purple corresponds seventh chakra.People who prefer this color tend to have emotion, sensitivity and spirituality.Usually they have a harmonious development and artistry.Purple promotes compassion, sensitivity and inspiration, often helps with such psychiatric conditions as despair, neurosis, lack of self-belief and self-esteem.However, an excess of this color can cause melancholy and apathy, especially among people with severe mental illness and alcoholism.

People who do not like purple sharply, usually live only by this and have developed a sense of duty.

Purple: the value in the clothes

purple clothing helps to achieve peace of mind, peace and tranquility.This color keeps on striving to satisfy only their own selfish desires.Usually purple clothes prefer spiritually open people, who listen to your intuition.In some cases, such color preferences can talk about immaturity and desire to retire.

Light colors such as lavender, selected dreamers.Such clothing provides a sense of lightness, detachment and coolness.

To create an elegant image, it is possible to combine purple with gray.If you want as soon as possible to achieve the desired, add a purple robe yellow accents.

Impact on human rights and the value of color: purple

colors affect our psyche.They are able to change the mood and state of mind of man.Violet soothes, relaxes, removes anger, frustration and anxiety.Under the influence of this color have a desire to feel the thoughts and feelings of a loved one.

Purple: the value of the interior

This color is able to bring comfort and peace of the room.For the living room is better to use shades of eggplant, grapes and lavender.This will make the room more stylish and elegant.To better focus and tune in a creative way, using wine or aubergine shade when you make a personal account.

To stay in the bedroom granted inner peace and serenity, choose purple and blue shimmer.Kitchen fit quite bright shades, and for dining - wine or grape tones.Making the bathroom is better done in shades of lilac or lavender.This will create a warm welcoming atmosphere.For toilet can use a luxurious dark purple color, such as aubergine.