Low-voltage systems installer: a profession at all times

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Low-voltage systems, or as they are called, structured cabling, connect a person with the outside world.Internet, cable or regular TV, faxes and telephones, fire or burglar alarms, many other communications to ensure a normal life and normal functioning, come to us for low-current networks or systems.The larger the city, the stronger it covers the web of networks, systems of wires.Moscow and Verkhoyansk, Oymyakon growth and can not do without this modest, but it is necessary for the profession of a big city - the installer of low voltage systems.It is the people who own this specialty lay low voltage wires, making the wiring under the baseboards, pull cables through walls and so on. D.

What the installer should be able to low-voltage systems?

man with such a profession can work in a company engaged in a burglar alarm or operation of elevators, install an intercom system or the Internet.Depending on the direction of activities will determine the direction specialist knowledge.The installer of low voltage systems should:

  • Know the rules of installation and connection of telecommunication systems, communication, OPS, access control, video surveillance, alarm.
  • know the basic laws of physics, especially electronics.
  • able to work with the cables, connections and know the rules of interaction between different materials.
  • Own receptions joinery and locksmithing

Furthermore assembling voltage network must have an aesthetic taste, he should pave the network so as not to spoil the interior, so that cables are not prevented tenants or employees of the office.

What should know the installer?

One of the most sought-after professions - assembling low-voltage systems.Moscow, like most other cities, always in need of such specialists.Often these are unscrupulous employers.Vacancy "assembling low-voltage systems" are always in demand, so sometimes the scammers simply deceive people: recruit low-skilled workers do not pay them a salary.For consumers and the workers themselves do not suffer from the actions of fraudsters getting a job assembling voltage network should know:

  • basis of general labor legislation.
  • own duties and rights.
  • standards and rules of performance.

assembling low-voltage systems to be human-readable, capable of constant self: communications are constantly being improved, and work with a specialist should be aware of all new products.

Additional requirements

Very often, the people of this profession have to work in very inconvenient places.Therefore, the installer should have good physical stamina, good health.He can not be afraid of heights or working in close quarters, for a long time should be able to work in an uncomfortable position.This profession involves good vision, fine motor development, the ability to make decisions quickly and carefully follow the instructions.The installer can not do without its own set of tools: screwdriver, screwdrivers, obzhimok, a set of keys, and so on. D. The carefully selected tools, the less time spend on specialist work and the better it will perform.