The officer - a prestigious and demanding profession

customs officer - a very popular profession, especially in our time, in a period of increased globalization and economic convergence between all countries of the world.The word "custom" is of Turkic origin, tamga once called stigma to refer to someone else's property.

History customs

customs first appeared with the emergence of the need to control the intersection of a variety of goods Divides individual states.For example, in Russia it happened in the XVII century.Then in each, even the small town has at least one Customs office, headed by Customs head.In submission he had a few so-called "barmen" performing the functions that are currently assigned to customs inspectors.Chose barmen of the locals.In the XVIII century on the initiative of Peter I introduced new customs post - inspector and the controller, and control by customs came to be called Chief tsolnerami.

Profession "customs": the pros and cons that are worth considering doing learn

representatives of the profession to prevent the smuggling of goods, including sometimes even weapons.They stop contraband, thus providing national security.Consequently, the customs officer - a profession is not only interesting, but also very noble.While at the same time, many people do not respect the customs, seeing them as enemies who are fixated on the sole, to replenish the state budget.This opinion, of course, mistaken.The officer - a profession that teaches to be a patriot of his country, a very disciplined man, devoted to the cause and objectives.

peculiar advantage can be considered the fact that a person who has experience in the customs, if desired, can easily apply for prestigious positions in commercial enterprises, as well-understood scheme of economic activity, versed in matters of exports and imports.Among the disadvantages of the profession of a customs officer is worth noting the relatively low pay, although the social security guaranteed by the state customs officers, as well as the fact that sometimes it is necessary to work not in a very comfortable environment, in spite of the bitter cold or the unbearable heat.

Why choose this profession?

Answering the question himself: "Why I chose to become a customs officer?", Many people say that this profession is very important and is needed by society.Customs officers bring the state much more useful than many other popular profession today.The terrorists, drugs, weapons, prohibited to import products and goods just poor quality - these and many other misfortunes would have befallen the country, if not the integrity and responsibility of customs officers.The officer - a profession that requires the knowledge and skills of a lawyer, a psychologist, a strongman, dog handlers, a linguist.So, went to study at the Faculty of customs, the man makes the right choice, because in the responsible attitude to study he is sure to become broadly educated person.