Men's psychology, realistic approach

clear that men and women differ.But not as much as we would like to submit it to some authors.Usually, people with a good psycho-techniques of communication, excellent communication and turns with her gender, and the opposite.However, our culture is that she brings up serious differences that separate the women then forced to heroically overcome.Therefore, man's psychology has a right to exist, although it did not have such as, for example, in America.

Typically, women are most interested in how to build relationships with men.Books on this subject written by a huge amount.However, many women do not trust the research of psychologists, and dreams of pulp novels.And it is - a huge mistake.So you will only see women dream of a beautiful relationship.Of course, not all female authors embellish reality, nice classics like "Wuthering Heights" and "The Thorn Birds" can give more or less realistic description of the relationship.

male psychology of love is different from the female is mainly because girls are taught from childhood that they are responsible for the relationship.But diplomatically boys can blame the fact that they are not courageous.But at the same time, the system of education of women more than men, because men and women accustomed to obey, and it can be used in the relationship.The main thing - to influence him gently, without causing protest, constantly monitor the reaction.

Men in general tend to be stronger attachment than women, says the male psychology.No wonder they are more likely to commit suicide statistics, if they go on favorite.This is not the performances, they choose the ways in which escape is almost impossible, unlike women, whose attempts to look more like a demonstration.

men really are more likely to feel anxiety in women than vice versa.They cover their susceptibility ostentatious cynicism that, God forbid, not to be accused of sentimentality.Feelings stronger than men, but they do not know or do not want to express them, but because sometimes women do not believe manifestations of love, if the latter expressed clearly enough.

Love can be of different types, but in general, men are less prone to self-giving love, "agape", it is much more common "Eros."After all, a man in society is often measured by the number of victories won by the bed.And in the end the faithful Monogamous uncomfortable.So that a single betrayal can not be evidence of lack of love, but merely an attempt to meet the public expectations man.The rich man's mistress is often not due to increased libido, and because they are supposed to have on the status of companion model looks for representational purposes.But marry a model, not all agree, and proven "for life", most women did not want to throw.

Psychology man's love is strongly linked with the idea of ​​possession.The man it is important that a woman's right to have been exceptional.That is why they so tormented by jealousy, and it is deep, biological.And female infidelity, most men at heart do not forgive, it is male psychology.And tried to make a woman very painful, if not immediately, then after a while.So if a man road - do not change it, it's like a time bomb.If a man has learned about the long-standing changes, the trust will still be destroyed.But the truth sometimes comes up very suddenly.So take care of their men.

Another feature of male love - they are trying to prove their feeling on the matter.And for the sake of his beloved are ready to work more than allow the possibility, and to take care of cute.Support your favorite, and he will protect you from many of the difficulties of life, feeling at the same time a real man.