Methods of processing permanent residence in Croatia

In December 2011, Croatia signed a contract for membership of the European Union.It is not far off the day (or more precisely, July 1, 2013), when the citizens of the Balkan states will have all the rights of citizens of other EU countries.In addition, this power, once part of the former Yugoslavia, very comfortable environment for business, high levels of salaries, excellent social security system.The level of democratic freedoms, incidentally, is also higher than in our country.That is why the immigration to Croatia becomes desirable for many Russians.

How quickly and without delay to resolve the issue of adaptation to the new country?Under the current law, to obtain citizenship of the country, have to live with the status of permanent residence in Croatia for five years.A permit for permanent residence shall be issued, in turn, after five years of continuous residence in the territory of one of the types of dozvol - a document allowing a temporary stay and work (study) in this Balkan country.

Let's start from the beginning: how to get a residence permit?Answers to this question is the classic: through marriage to a citizen or a person who already have a permanent residence in Croatia;employment;conducting research and development activities;starting a business.This Balkan state is not any exception to the general rule.The only feature of Croatia - is that a resident and, consequently, must the taxpayer, is considered a foreigner even after years of continuous residence in the country.The residence permit ("permitted") is valid for a year and then renewed.

If you are married or Croat married to a citizen of the country, to qualify for permanent residence in Croatia, you can in three years.In other cases, have to wait five years, and the absence in the State during this period should not exceed a total of ten months.It is necessary to apply to the police for residence documents proving the existence of means of subsistence and housing, health policy and the results of tests on the knowledge of the Croatian language.

With regard to housing, it can be like your own property and official rental apartment or villa in Croatia.We note in passing that the purchase of real estate in this coastal country with a pleasant climate and a rapidly developing tourist infrastructure is a profitable investment.To obtain the status of permanent excellent option of opening his own firm.The country's legislation strongly welcomes investment from abroad, and allows you to register a new company, even with 100% foreign capital.The only condition - the investor must be one of the employees of this company.

Business immigration is, of course, the option is not for everyone.To open a business visa and obtain a residence permit, you must provide a business plan for an amount not less than 100 thousand euros, for up to three years.You should also register a new company as a taxpayer.Of all the methods listed above, start their own business - the most profitable option.Apart from the fact that the registration of companies and businesses in this country are very simple, you expect the most favorable conditions in the process of obtaining permanent residence in Croatia.