How to make a tattoo at home and not to be disappointed?

drawings on the body are gaining in popularity.Previously, such "decorations" means one of two things: either belonging to the "barman", or distinguishing mark underground.That immediately in polite company decided to brag to friends new unusual patterns on the body, like a blouse from a famous designer.

However, some quite grasping comrades strive here to save money, assuming that the tattoo stuff at home is not so difficult, but do not need to take very large sums to the salon.

course, in specialized stores you will not need to present a license or permit and quietly sell the machine, needles, ink.But it will cost no less than the work of the artist.You can still try to collect homegrown unit improvised, except that you dare to experiment on your own health?Besides, if we do a tattoo at home, we have to be one hundred percent sure of their own artistic abilities and strong nerves.Blood in the process can not be avoided, and would be very unfortunate, if the master of its kind will start to feel dizzy.

Therefore, perhaps, is to give up the crazy idea to open a full salon at home.Long figures leave the conscience of professionals.

Let's look at how to make a tattoo at home, using plant material.Simply put, all the familiar x and y.And do not think that the figures are as beautiful patterns, applied mascara.On the contrary, whimsical ligature attracted no less attention.And the historical roots of this art are lost in the mysteries of the ancient Orient.

So, in our hands a bag of henna.Now you need to figure out how to make a tattoo.At home, you need to sift bought herbal powder to get rid of possible impurities and lumps.Then proceed to the preparation of the paint.

There is an option to quickly, which involves breeding powder with lemon juice and use it immediately, and have the option of longer.Choosing the latter, be patient.It begins with the same as the previous recipe: henna diluted lemon juice.But just then the mixture is left in a warm place for an hour or twelve.And to create the greenhouse effect it is wrapped in cellophane.Then comes the second stage - in the slurry is mixed Basma (it will give the picture brightness and saturation).Again, forget the paint for twelve hours.And only after the expiry of the density we throw into the mix a little sugar.Some fans of east exotic aromatic oils are used in addition.

Getting the most important - how to make a tattoo at home implicated paint henna.Before applying the pattern to think carefully about composition.It is better to draw a sketch on paper and strictly follow it.So you do not mess up the whole thing with one stroke inaccurate.Note vegetable dye is quickly absorbed into the skin!Now, actually, about the skin.Remove excess hairs, the place of paint degreased with alcohol and armed with a syringe or a tube with a tip, gently begin to deduce patterns.The thinnest line we put a toothpick.Keep a cotton buds, they will help to quickly remove imperfections.

How to make a tattoo at home, we have learned.Now a few words about the care of such a pattern.The beauty of temporal vegetation patterns in their fragility.Gradually henna rinse, lighter, and then disappears.This happens immediately, so it's time to enjoy the patterns you have.Do you want to prolong it?Then lubricate your tatushechki before showering oil or fat cream.The unique film will protect them from exposure to water.And, of course, do not rub them with soap and a washcloth.