What are antiviral drugs - cheap, but the most effective?

Antivirals - cheap, but the most effective - should always be in your own medicine cabinet.You never know when the seasonal flu again overcomes the weakened body.

In modern drugstore chain has a huge selection of different drugs that are prescribed by doctors at ARI, influenza or SARS.But unfortunately, not all people have such a monetary income to buy expensive medicines.In this regard, we decided to share with you information about the currently existing drugs in pharmacies, which in no way inferior advertised means, but much cheaper than the latter.So, what are antiviral drugs, cheap, but most effective, pharmacists can offer us?However, before you answer that question, let's see how it acts like a kind of medicine.

Action antivirals

Imported or domestic (budget) antiviral drugs for colds are prescribed to eliminate the cause of all existing and further development of acute respiratory disease.As a result of this therapy in patients:

  • significantly reduced the risk of exacerbations of any chronic disease (such as asthma, bronchitis and so on.);
  • much reduced duration of the flow of cold (about a few days), and relieved her symptoms;
  • significantly reduced the risk that after suffering an acute respiratory disease in humans have any further complications.

is also worth noting that antiviral drugs (inexpensive but effective), and accepted as an emergency preventive measures in case a family member seriously ill and urgently needs to reduce the risk of infection of people around him.

List of cheap drugs

Cheap antivirals with SARS virtually indistinguishable from those drugs, the price of which goes far beyond the 1000 Russian rubles.Often, such a high cost of tablets due to the fact that their manufacturer is popular and branded pharmaceutical company.However, the principle of action and efficacy of such medicines, and domestic counterparts are not much different, basically, they are identical.

So, bring to your attention the list of what antivirals - nedorogie0- is available in modern pharmacy chains (price / performance):

  • «Amizon" - 70-80 rubles;
  • «Arbidol" - 120-140 rub .;
  • «Anaferon" - 150-200 rub .;
  • «Grippferon" - 200-250 rub .;
  • «Interferon" - 30-90 rubles .;
  • «Oscillococcinum" - 275-300 rub .;
  • «Amiksin" - 400-500 rubles;
  • «Viferon" - 120-200 rubles;
  • «Allomedin" - 300-400 rubles;
  • «Alpizarin" - 160-200 rubles;
  • «Acyclovir" - 20-40 rubles;
  • «Midantan" - 150-200 rubles;
  • «Remantadin" - 50-60 rubles.

It should be noted that these prices are approximate and indicate the cost of the minimum number of tablets in the package.


thus useless to buy expensive antivirals foreign manufacturers.After all, today there are so many domestic counterparts, which are not worse, and sometimes are and more efficiently.