Toddler at a reception at the dentist

your dentist and orthodontist kid should get to know long before the eruption of his milk teeth.It later emerged the "wrong" teeth are dangerous because of these violations occur in digestion, in the pronunciation of sounds can even be distorted facial features.


bite considered improper if the child has a change in the jaw, inverted teeth, gaps, slits, etc.

Contrary to popular belief, this defect - not only the genetic "message from the ancestors", but the result of improper care, nutrition, bad habits.

example, the formation of the bite depends on how the mother is feeding the baby feeding, a width of an opening in the bottle, how much time he spends with the pacifier in his mouth, whether the habit of sucking her thumb, keep the mouth corner of the blanket or ear beloved bear, snacklip.Further development of the teeth and jaw depends on whether a pipsqueak tough foods: the less chewing it, the worse it will be formed jaw.If your baby during sleep is usually placed under the jaw or cheek rests on the pillow chin, then he, too, is likely to risk getting malocclusion.

medical examination

in 6 months with the baby you have to make the first trip to the pediatric dentist to find out if the lower jaw has taken a stable correct position, whether formed in the child respiratory functions (breathing necessarily be the nose).

The doctor will also check you have not shortened crumbs bridles lips and tongue.This is very important.The fact is that when the time comes to change of milk teeth, root must approach and stand straight.But if the bridle a little, its fibrous tissue will not allow the teeth to take a position, and the bite is correct.At the "failures" with bridles (and upper lip, and language), it simply is cut (under local anesthesia), and more problems because it does not arise.

next visit to the dentist is required when the baby teeth will be 8-10.The doctor will check whether the crumbs caries.Many mothers are surprised when the babies put such a diagnosis.However, dentists know that it is not uncommon.

For feeding mixtures of sweet little child can easily pay with the advent of his bottle caries - a characteristic brown plaque on the first 4-6 Zubkov.To stop tooth decay, teeth can be silvered.After this procedure, carious process has stabilized, but, alas, the teeth become black.

Afraid this is not necessary, although the little man would not like such a "color" of his smile.A possible alternative to silvering - Remineralizing therapy.It spares the young patients, but with deep caries is not effective.

But remove spoiled milk teeth caries doctors do not recommend, as it leads to serious problems.The first extraction will affect the eruption of permanent teeth: the adjacent teeth will be shifted from their seats, trying to fill the empty space, and permanent teeth can grow in the wrong place.In addition, it may disrupt the development of the facial skeleton, diction, formed cosmetic flaws.So be sure to treat tooth decay, saving a tooth!

If the baby is "lost" baby tooth due to injury, then the vacant place to put artificial.Orthodontist makes a replacement plate to keep the place in anticipation of a permanent tooth.With this bite will be saved.

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