Professions in English: the title.

student of English, must be able to competently tell about yourself when dating.To do this, not only to present, call your age and the other party to provide information on their hobbies, but also talk about their profession and place of work.In many other situations, the ability to correctly and logically build a monologue on the subject as is necessary.How to talk about their profession in English?

study of occupations in English

ability to present and briefly tell us about yourself - it is basic knowledge that should have people to learn foreign languages.This also implies a small monologue narrative of their profession, perhaps indicating the responsibilities and attributes, depending on the specific situation.To do this, you must know the different professions in the English language and other concepts related to this topic.

Depending on the specific circumstances should be more or less detail about their responsibilities.For example, when applying for a job in another state employer may need information about the previous place of work of the person who came in for an interview.Job applicants should be able to answer questions and produce a favorable impression of the high level of foreign language knowledge.That is why it is important to carefully and methodically to study topics in English.

just a profession in alphabetical order

Anyone who starts to learn English, you must remember at least a basic profession, one for each letter of the alphabet.So, a novice should make the appropriate entries or cards to learn the easiest types of occupations in English.Further, in alphabetical order, will be transferred to the basic positions of people that it is easy to remember.A - actor (actor), B - barman (bartender), C - cook (chef), D - doctor (Doctor), E - engineer (engineer), F - fisherman (fisherman), G - geologist (geologist), H- headmaster (Director), J - journalist (reporter), L - lawyer (lawyer, lawyer), M - manager (manager), N - nurse (nurse, nurse), O - optician (optometrist), P - poet (the poet), R - receptionist (reception desk worker), S - salesman (the seller), T - tailor (the tailor), V - vet (veterinarian), W - weaver (weaver).

remember the names of occupations in English, and learn the basic phrases that anyone can make a simple story of a foreigner on their work.

most popular profession

If the Russians wanted to get a job in any of the countries of Europe, it is necessary not only good to know a foreign language (usually - English), but have an idea of ​​the demand for different specialties.Below is a list of professions.English is spoken by all Europeans.A person who relies on employment in Europe, too, is obliged to own it to perfection.It will be useful to know not only statistics, but also the names of the professions in a foreign language.For example, in Germany, for example, of particular value are the workers of technical professions - engineers (engineers).

In the world there is a tendency to "overproduction" of lawyers and legal professionals (lawyers).People of this profession will not be easy to find a free work place, because, according to statistics, in the same Germany every year law graduates an average of 5,000 people more than those who are retiring.

Perhaps the most popular to date, social workers (social workers).Such personnel need to work with people, for example in the field of private business.

Economists (economists) - most antipopulyarnaya profession today in Russia and in Europe.Employees of the industry appear in great numbers every year, but jobs for them is just not enough, so many of them come to work not on a specialty.

popular, however, as always, the teaching profession.In English it is called «teacher».In European countries, teachers earn a decent salary, and subsequently a good pension.


In the world there are also very few sectors of activity that employ a handful of people.However, some of these trades are very helpful and have enjoyed high demand, if every country had a large number of such specialists.For example, stoyalschik queue (standing in a queue) or the source (interlocutor).Know these unusual profession in English - is to have a broad outlook.

At one English lessons in school or in high school you can ask the students to talk about these classes of people.It will be interesting to hear about their responsibilities, attributes, but such information will give little practical knowledge, as representatives of such professions are very few and they are a small demand.

How to describe the profession in English?

One of the tasks that the student or the student, the student foreign language course, will have to perform, is the story of a profession, such as the work of their dreams.To do this, you need to plan their speeches and write down the main keywords that will help to recall the story of the house made up.

Thus, the description of occupations in English to start with a set of responsibilities.Take, for example, a dentist (dentist).The dentist treats patients teeth, puts a seal, diagnoses and provides many more services related to the care of the oral cavity.

following paragraph of the story - the tools and devices that help professionals carry out their work.For example, attributes of a dentist are chair (seat), auger (drill), a material for seals (material for fillings), and many other necessities.

then emphasis should be placed on how the dentist ensures the safety of the work.He wears a white robe, and special gloves (gloves), and the mask (mask), disinfect his tools, etc.You must also add information about how popular the profession, how many people in Russia and abroad have given profession, that is to find some statistics.

professional attributes in English

story about any profession was in English implies an indication devices used by an expert for the implementation of its activities.In order to examine the attributes of each worker, it is necessary to identify close to each other profession, since these professionals a lot in common.For example, a pediatrician and a dentist is a common form of clothes, some devices for inspection.Lawyer and travel agent should be familiar with the laws, so they always have at hand the appropriate book.Writer and sings carry a variety of paper and writing materials, in case they descend inspiration.

Breaking profession groups, student or student will be easy to remember the basic attributes of experts, because it is very similar.

phrases occupations

the description of any profession in the English language, you can use a variety of phrases and idioms to diversify their speech, complicate design and improve foreign language.Below are some idioms that will characterize their working status at the moment.

  • to be out of work - be unemployed;
  • to be off work - temporarily not working;
  • to be on maternity leave - to be on maternity leave;
  • to be sacked - to be fired;
  • to be sacked = to be fired;
  • to be made redundant - to get laid off.

Do not confuse the words, which can sometimes be synonymous, but used in conjunction with different concepts.So, the word «career» translated as "career".You can build a career in the professional sphere (to build a career).The concept of «post» - this position, a post which can take a (stable expression - "to hold a high position").The word «profession» - this, in turn, the scope of activities in which the person works.

techniques of studying the topic "Profession»

There are many approaches to the study of each profession.Topic in English may consist of a list of professions in alphabetical order or contain thematic sections such as:

  1. «Health» - description of the various doctors.
  2. «technical specialties" - a story about the engineers, mathematicians, and programmers.
  3. «Service" - about the cleaners, waiters, stewardesses.To the list of words you can add pictures to the students easier to remember a variety of professional attributes of workers.

teacher can give students a few recordings to listen to, and then they can summarize their main ideas or to respond to questions posed in advance.This exercise will gradually get used to the foreign language, learn to understand not only the meaning of the utterance as a whole, but each word separately, as well as to work on intonation.

Targets on "Professions»

In order to study a profession in English, students need to perform complex tasks.First of all, they have to learn the words on a given topic, and the teacher is required to check this with the control or operation of dictation.

can then ask students to choose a representative of any one profession and sign all of the attributes of his costume.It would be better if the students print out a picture of figures and will mark all parts of the costume and accessories, and then the details will paint their names.

can make a story about professions in the form of competitions and award additional points to the winner.