The most popular breed of miniature dogs

Miniature dogs are becoming more and more popular.They are very cute, and can live even in small apartments.It is interesting that the fashion for small pets has been introduced in the XVII century, the Queen of England.Crowned heads love to appear in the light with small dogs on their hands.Today, every girl can feel like a queen.

Bichons - a group of long-haired miniature dogs.She is one of the most ancient and famous.A few centuries ago, one of its kind lapdogs enthralled rich aristocratic ladies.Today, they continue to captivate the eyes.Among the most popular lapdogs - Maltese and Bichon Frise.

This is a small dog with long fluffy hair.It weighs usually 2-3 kilograms, and at the withers not exceeding 26 cm. Despite its fluffy, wool never falls.However, it requires daily care.

Bichon Frise
This breed appeared in the XIV century.The dog is quite small, 21 to 30 cm. It is soft and long curly hair, which usually leave quite short.

This breed you can easily find out - a small furry dog ​​with very long hair.It is somewhat reminiscent of a lion cub.For the first time this breed was developed in ancient China, especially for the emperor.The Chinese called it "walking on the bamboo."They believed that such a look of a dog was due to the fact that I was born as a result of an affair monkeys and lions.

Pekingese is very convenient in everyday life.This furry little beast does not require much care.If necessary, you can train to go on a newspaper in a certain place.For his fur it is also easy to care for.The main thing - often brush your pet, and he will be in great shape.

Chinese Crested

dog of this breed at the withers no more than 30 centimeters and has fur only on the head, feet and tail.She looks like a fashionable lady with magnificent hair, exquisite figure and extraordinary footwear.Keep a dog, in principle, it is simple, requires little care once the skin and coat.Special means you will always find at the pet store.Since the dog "naked", without beautiful suit is necessary.It could be dresses and trousers, warm sweaters and light capes.What costume will carry your pet - you decide.

Toy Poodle
Toy poodle - is almost an exact copy of an ordinary poodle, only an increase of not more than 28 cm. This breed has become famous thanks to Queen Marie Antoinette, who loved these dogs.It was she who came up with "lion" cut, make a poodle is very similar to the lions.Very dog ​​friendly and very playful, nekapriznaya and calm.He likes to play and walk for long periods.The only difficulty is wool - it requires frequent clipping and care.

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