How goes the pawn in chess, or the Ruby with shoulder

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What is a pawn in chess?It is not only the weakest piece on the board, but also the most dangerous.Story pawns, as a wall, capable of moving through the enemy, and with the proper support to overturn any formation on the field.


foot - it's not just a figure, but a unit of measurement.The professional chess it is not even considered to be the figure.But the rest of the value is measured in the foot.We give equivalence chess pawn:

  • Queen is approximately 9 foot.
  • Value officer is 3 pawns.He also considered the equivalent horse.
  • Rook on its usefulness is about 4 foot.

Depending on the location and how goes the pawn in chess (according to a vertical), they are five types:

  • Royal Pawn.
  • queenside.
  • Ivory.
  • Konev.
  • rook.
  • for.So it can be called pawns, located in front of the king and queen.

Also, depending on the position of a few pawns against each other, you can select some of the situations and types of location:

  • isolated - on foot, next to which there are no figures on the board the same color.
  • Blocked called a pawn and unable to make a move.
  • backward - the one next to which there is a pawn, move forward, but itself is blocked.
  • There are also 2 types of passed pawns.Distant - one that is able to go to the field without conversion barriers.However, it is not protected by other pawns.Secure - communicating figure, next to which there is support.
  • Isolated - on foot, between which there is a free vertical.Related
  • - pawns on adjacent verticals.

So, to understand the terminology, we can move on to the question of how to go on foot in chess.


At the initial stage of the game at the pawns are not many options of where to make the movement.How goes the pawn in chess, located on the grid?There are three possible options.

debut - the first phase of the game, characterized by the mobilization of the figures and their arrangement.In fact, this stage of the formation of protective constructions, from which to begin the development of the attack.At this stage, a pawn can do the following:

  • remain in place.Oddly enough, this is also an option course.You can not touch the foot and start the game with the withdrawal of a horse.
  • Step one square forward.Careful solution that will allow pawn keeping safe, gradually move forward.However, it will help the enemy to seize the initiative in placing pieces on the board.
  • Step into two cells.Possible under two conditions.Pawn is on the launch pad, and before it there are no other figures.This move is very risky, but one more step you can sharply pull ahead and grab a significant chunk of the field.


What is it and how to go on foot in chess in this phase of the game?This is the central and main phase of the party.It is characterized by the protection of the king and the active movement of pieces on the board.

What is the role of pawns?Supporting defense and shutting the king from the Shah to the other end of the board, they are slowly moving forward, working his way to the field transformations.At this point, how walking pawn in chess, and if the enemy cuts, its survival depends on the speed and move forward.Let's consider the basic moves.

middlegame One feature is that the majority of pawns or blocked, or is in danger of the opponent's pieces.This means that it remains a small selection:

  • Continue to hold the position, in the hope that other pieces will bypass the enemy's flank and open way.
  • Independently attack.Pawn attacks only diagonally, only one cell, and only forward.It can not go back, as the other pieces or checkers.


final stage.It is characterized in most cases, a small number of pieces on the board.If you have a pawn, then you are very lucky.How goes the pawn in chess at this stage?Her primary task - to get to the edge of the field of the enemy, to be transformed into a more useful shape.On the other hand, a few pawns supported by your king able to checkmate the opponent.What better or more convenient - decide.

If you want to see how goes a pawn in chess, in pictures, the article presents some options, but the best practice is nothing.So you can play with your computer in electronic chess.The system will not let you make a wrong turn.Thus, in practice, you will be able to remember the options moves.

From reading you can learn how to walk a pawn in chess.Photography its various passages are presented in the article.The second image shows some variations depending on the series.In the third and fourth photo pawns, located on the E4 and H5, respectively, show the locked position.

To study an infinite number of possible positions can read a textbook on the game of chess.There you will find exciting challenges that will learn the game much deeper.