How to restore the military card: instruction for beginners

Military card - a document without which it can not do any one soldier.Unfortunately, the nasty case of loss, theft or damage "voennik" can happen to anyone.Panicking and depressed is not necessary, because the need to restore the document does not have much free time and effort.Without specific legal advice about how to restore the military card, too, can do.It is enough to know a few basic rules governing the procedure for the return ticket.Citizens who are familiar with the requirements and conditions prescribed by law, can easily carry out all legal manipulations and does not fall into panic if their documentation is something unexpected happens.Otherwise, the man will face a mass of petty bureaucratic complications, will spend a lot of time and nerve cells (which, incidentally, are not restored).

First of all, let us turn to the list of necessary documents, which subsequently will provide the law enforcement agencies.

documents to obtain military ID

  • 2 pictures three by four centimeters;
  • statement replacement military ID;
  • passport, marriageable Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation;
  • certificate of loss of military ID;
  • medical certificate (if the owner of the ticket released from service).

We should not forget that not all young people are to be recruited into the army due to a variety of reasons why they are still not certain to receive a military card.After 27 years, most of the defenders of the Fatherland shall be credited to the reserve, becomes the owner of "voennik" so everyone should be familiar with the procedure for obtaining and recovery of the document.

How to restore the military card?

  1. since you have lost the right to apply to law enforcement agencies.It is recommended to take a corresponding certificate, which will be given during treatment and the measures taken by members of the.
  2. Compulsory need to contact your local recruitment office, a statement about the loss, which should indicate the place, time and circumstances under which the military card has been lost (theft, accident and so on. D.).
  3. the draft board provide passport details of the place of registration and photos of standard size (three to four centimeters).It is important that the pictures were no corners, but not glossy, t. E. Mat.(On the question of how to restore the military card, must be approached with great responsibility, so the documents should be prepared in advance and formatting requirements.)
  4. the circumstances in which you have lost a military ID, dependent timing of his return and sanctions applied toyou.Most often cautioned citizens and undertakes to pay a fine of five hundred to one thousand rubles.Among other things, it plays a role, and the delay after which you will apply to the relevant institution.The earlier you discover the loss, and submitted an application, the more your document will be restored.
  5. After some time on the basis of acceptance of the application, photographs and identity document, you will be given a new identity card.


If you still have not crossed the threshold of military age, the application must be submitted to the military commissariat immediately after the loss.Otherwise, the question of how to restore the military card will be quite problematic.

to persons not subject to appeal to the army, you must confirm the exceptional circumstances of a medical certificate with an indication konretno diagnosis.Do not forget that every medical certificate has an expiration date, after which a medical examination will have to go again.