Map of St. Petersburg

When Peter I founded the castle in his honor, and he dared to suggest that the relatively young St. Petersburg will be the true pride of the Russian State.Leaked quite a bit of time, and the city on the Neva River got its honorable place in the list of historic settlements of Russia.If you do not happen to be in St. Petersburg, be sure to go there, because there is no place in the world where history and modernity so harmoniously combined in a single rush.No event can not spoil the feeling of meeting with a magnificent, majestic hail, it is just ... Yes, there is a little thing necessary for tourists and visitors in exploring the landmarks of the city.It - card.For the majority of well-written map of St. Petersburg - a guarantee that allocated to explore the Northern Palmira time will be spent in vain wandering winding lanes, and to the maximum saturated tourist route.In other words, the card will allow Peter to feel confident, so as not to lose a minute wasted.
While in St. Petersburg, it will be difficult to understand guided tour if you want to bypass all the sights for yourself.You will come in handy street map of St. Petersburg, in order not to get lost in a tangled Petersburg courtyards.Imagine you need to quickly get to a certain place, for example, in Hermitage, until it was shut down.However, you do not know where your hotel is, and how to quickly get to the exhibition, to save time.Then only the map with streets will be really effective counselor.Detailed scheme of Peter contains not only the names of roads, and an indication of the course of public transport, so the map due to the exhibition can be reached quickly.Peter himself, whose scheme is improved more than once, has a large number of roads, most of which ends with blunt back streets, so traveling without a map irrationally.You can do several types of circuit: conventional and online.In one case, you have to carry the bulk sample card.In the second case you need constant access to the Internet.

Being in a place far from home leads a person to feel uncomfortable.The big city is easy to get confused, especially in such a densely populated as St. Petersburg.Alien city full of landmarks and the lack of knowledge about the direction in which it is necessary to either go to find a gallery, a park.Do not want to sadden your vacation, a trip to St. Petersburg memories as you constantly have to ask directions?Then we recommend to get a map.The scheme - that is necessary for the harmonious route tours.Not only the city, but the card itself is able to surprise the Leningrad Region traveler bunch of curious places, such as the royal residence in Gatchina.Map of St. Petersburg you can quickly find their way in the city, provided that you have planned a sightseeing schedule.In order not to regret the wasted time, be sure to always have it on hand.The best option - map with streets.So you always specify a real place of your stay in St. Petersburg, the final point of his journey.