100% scholarship: be lean, but not the head!

sources of information from a lot of modern girls.Internet, television, radio, communication with my friends ... But many have forgotten about the book, and it is in vain.Smart and beautiful girls have always been more attractive than just beautiful.You can even quote the famous "99 Francs" Beigbeder "Be lean, but not the head!ยป

40 years ago, our grandmothers went to meet friends at the library, perhaps in those days it was "fish place", but now successful men"inhabit" other "reservoirs".And they need to catch to other lures.Reader vs. paperback books will add 100 points to the image, and it's interesting, not a stupid girl.For example, a new model PocketBook Touch we will try to explain what is so fond of Russian girls and women to read the new format.

for comfort

main question: how easy to use e-readers?Wear reader can be in almost any purse, except, perhaps, a ultra-clutch.The thickness of the touch reader PocketBook Touch only 9.5 mm chocolate bar even thicker.A similar weight - 195 grams.Given that his memory will fit up to 4 thousand works, the severity of the portable library appears on the background of its capacity negligibly small.Checked: even when other hand busy with shopping bags or tiny dog, reading a reader for a long time without much effort succeed.

poketbukami modern management through the use of touch screens is not much different from the management of tablets and smartphones.The PocketBook Touch, for example, is maintained even multi - which means that the images and the font size can be scaled mixing-breeding finger across the screen (as on the iPad and iPhone).

For beautiful eyes

Supporters reading TFT-LCDs tablets and smartphones as many may say that red eyes well with the red shoes, and wearing glasses all the rage.However, reading E-Ink screen reader fit much more: they do not use lights, from which after prolonged reading eye fatigue.Viewing angles and no glare in the presence of a natural light source generally make electronic ink screens similar to this paper.With the iPad, for example, on the beach do not normally get a tan, but with PocketBook tenyok search is not necessary.

Another benefit of readers - saving.If you use for reading gadget that runs on a single charge 3 weeks, will not have to carry a charger and run constantly in search of outlet (as is usually done holders of advanced smartphones).

For brand

fashionistas Unfortunately, Apple does not release readers.No, and branded models from Gucci or D & amp; G, in this market its fashion brands.Worldwide reigns Amazon Kindle, but in Russia the most popular past three years in a row is a PocketBook.In 2011, about one-third of all sales in the country fell precisely on this brand.

Most poketbukov enclosed in a casing of white, gray, or black and fit almost any style of clothing.We desire to emphasize their individuality may be advisable to try to complement the image of the original cover, or the cover - their big set for sale.


Do readers have another non-obvious advantage: they hide the title of the book you are reading, from prying eyes.And therefore the question of the beautiful stranger, "What are you reading now?" Has all chances to become the first step towards a long-term relationship ...

Photo source: pocketbook-int.com