How to clean the air conditioner?

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Sooner or later, every owner of a vehicle, equipped with air conditioning, faces the challenge of cleaning.This happens usually in the most unexpected moment: the driver sits in the car, including climate control, and instead smell the cool freshness of the nozzles takes off dirty and smelly air.This factor suggests that it's time to clean the air conditioners.The vehicle in this case is in the process of disinfection, after which the system produces a pleasant cooling and, most importantly, clean air.In more detail, this process will be discussed in this article.

How to clean the air-conditioned car with your hands?

Nearly all modern passenger car, this part is in front of the radiator cooling, so to get to it, you have to be very patient.Also do not forget that during the cleaning of car air conditioners does not tolerate neglect, therefore, to this process should be approached very seriously.Do not forget that all parts of the cooling system are very fragile and may even damage their average water pressure.Before starting work, you need to take into account another factor: air-conditioned car radiator cleaning is done only after the removal of the lining (or false radiator grille bumper).

As for the water pressure, it must be weak, or the design of the cooling system units could simply bend.After this process, the evaporator also need to be cleaned.Ignore this process is not recommended because dirty evaporator in the interior of the car will get all the same dirty air with lots of all kinds of bacteria that are harmful not only to human health, but also an important electronic systems.And to such surprises during the trip did not arise, you should regularly conduct prevention: to clean this piece special set, which can be found in any specialized shop.

Photos polluted system before cleaning


Tips on the process of cleaning the air conditioner

car has contaminated the air conditioning system, should be immediately cleaned from dust, observing the following stages:

  1. First of all you need to depressurize the machine (that is, to open windows and doors).
  2. Then check the condition of the drain, as well as find out whether there is condensation in the air conditioner.
  3. Find and put a special container under the drainage system.
  4. Disable climate control of the total power supply of 12 volts (you can just turn off the negative terminal of the battery).
  5. Set air conditioner to maximum temperature limit and direct the diffuser to the bottom of the cabin, leaving the system turned on for 10 minutes.
  6. Then, follow the instructions on the rules of operation of the system (each car different designs of air conditioning, although the principle of their operation is similar).
  7. then switch on the ignition and dry purging all units with a hair dryer or any other instruments issued dry and hot air.This is done only when the process is complete cleaning of air conditioners.

car after all the above steps will always delight you with fresh and cool air on hot summer days!