Do you know the name of the natural electrical discharge?

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Have you ever heard of any such determination, as natural electrical discharge?Certainly not all.And all because of what we know is a more concise definition of the term - lightning.

What is lightning?

Let's start with, what is lightning.This discharge electrostatic charge, which occurs in the area of ​​cumulus clouds.At the same time we are seeing the flash, called lightning and a loud, sharp sound - thunder.

So now we know the name of the natural electrical discharge.Naturally, the Lightning has a large electric charge and its temperature reaches almost 300,000 degrees.A lightning strike is deadly to humans, because you should know how to protect themselves from it.In addition, it is also the cause of fires and burns, especially if the lightning hit a tree.

The fact that such a lightning first told Benjamin Franklin.It was he who held the famous experiment with a kite, which launched in the sky during a thunderstorm.In 1750 he published his study.

Today, it is known that lightning - a phenomenon that is characteristic of not only our planet, but also a number of others.For example, scientists have recorded lightning on Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the other planets of the solar system.


learning the name of the natural electrical charge, we can not forget about another unique phenomenon.

One of the most interesting varieties of lightning - ball.So far there is no consensus on how it is there fireballs.At one time even claimed that in fact it is a hallucination.Today there are more than 400 theories that explain this phenomenon, but none of them has not yet been proved.

Eyewitnesses describe her as "glowing fireball that flies through the unpredictable trajectory."That's what a fireball.Gas discharge, scientists say - this is one of its components.With his help, many scientists are trying to recreate ball lightning, but so far to no avail.All the spherical body by using it, break a couple of seconds.

Thus, the nature of ball lightning until the end and has not been studied, although there were many attempts to prove its existence experimentally or create it in experimental conditions.

as protection against lightning?

As already mentioned, the lightning especially dangerous for people and animals.It should not only be aware of this, but also know the basic rules that can save your life and protect them from injury.

  1. During a thunderstorm, do not stand under a tree, which is surrounded by open space.High individual objects attract lightning.
  2. We should not touch the metal.It also attracts lightning.
  3. should not be near the water and swim.When lightning strikes the water all within a radius of 100 meters is killed.
  4. Ironically, the fire also attracts lightning.Therefore, we recommend that you do not sit around a bonfire during a thunderstorm.
  5. Many experts advise not to use mobile during a thunderstorm.According to them, they also attract natural electrical discharges.

Well, we know the name of the natural electrical discharge, what are its types and how to protect themselves from lightning.Let's look, and how to provide first aid to the victim of it.

How to help the victim during a thunderstorm

If your eyes a man struck by lightning, should immediately give him first aid, otherwise it is fraught with serious consequences not only, but also all the death of the victim.

Here is a small guide:

  1. most important thing - immediately call an ambulance.
  2. When a mild lightning strikes, when the victim remains conscious, he should loosen the collar of his shirt, unbuckle the belt, that is to make the circulation of blood does not hurt.
  3. followed by drizzle it on his head and chest cold water and allow drug "Corvalol."30 drops will suffice.
  4. burns or any other skin lesions should be treated and bandaged.
  5. not allow a person to get up and move.
  6. If the victim is unconscious, it should be carried out resuscitation: artificial respiration and chest compressions.

Hopefully this article has been helpful to you, because it can help you not only learned the name of the natural electrical discharge, but also about the danger he poses to himself and how to protect themselves from its effects.