The world of contemporary crime.

dark cool night, two leisurely stroll through the old park on the outskirts of the city.The atmosphere of love and harmony overwhelms them, when out of the corner came the uncomplicated phrase "Hey, patsanchik, call there?" Then he goes towards the crowd of boys, dressed in the old tracksuits with fancy cap on his head.The outcome of this meeting, it is not difficult to predict - Today enamored beau, likely to return home without their cell phone.

Gopnik - a petty criminal who is on the side of all of the world.It prides itself on the streets, offending and humiliating those who are weaker than him.And yet, how much is known about him?Even he must obey certain rules and laws.And that may be used in the war against Gopnik?

Gopnik: who are they?

So who are Gopnik?Photos of these guys can be seen on the pages of many sites, but more often they can be seen in the criminal news releases.That, of course, is not surprising.

In fact, Gopnik - a petty criminal who leads a dissolute lifestyle.These guys rarely act alone, as a rule, they gather in small groups.Often, they can be found in the quiet lanes and parks, as there is rarely crowded.Seeing a lone traveler on the horizon, they immediately begin to process it.For this purpose, criminal slang, threats, or brute force.

Where did the term "Gopnik"?

There are many versions regarding the history of this concept.What is true - rather difficult to identify, and besides, it is likely that there is some truth in each of them.

Thus, the three main versions of the emergence of the term "Gopnik":

  1. The first dates back to pre-revolutionary times.Then there were the so-called state of society charity (GOP).Such organizations followed the poor, unemployed and beggars, who were on the territory of the province.Everyone who has come under the supervision committee of charity, in common called Gopnik.
  2. second theory relates to the beginning of the 80s.While in the Soviet Union begins a global movement of people in the big cities, as there were opportunities to earn a lot more than in the village.Most settled in the poor state of the proletariat hostel, so it is no surprise that in such schools often lived all sorts of extraordinary personalities.A little later, the residents of these dormitories came to be called Gopnik, thus pointing to the place of their residence.
  3. Another version is based on the concept of thieves "gop - stop" or theft.And so the guys who ply their living alone in robbery and extortion, called Gopnik.

heyday of crime in the early '90s

collapse of the Soviet Union led to the fact that the judicial system is severely weakened.Criminal authorities took advantage of this moment and picked up by most of the power.Across the country prospered lawlessness Gopnik realized this and began his wild hunt.

Gopnik like predators roamed the streets of the city looking for new victims.Sometimes it was a random passer-by, sometimes the purpose determined in advance.After all, in those days Gopnik services often use the local authorities, so as not to dirty his own hands.For example, quite often they were used to smash shops to intimidate competitors or bystanders.

But the years passed, the law enforcement agencies are getting stronger and stronger.Therefore, thieves began to conduct their business more carefully, without raising unnecessary dust.And stupid internecine fight Gopnik they obviously did not need.So they stopped using their services, especially to cover the small pawns in the face of the law.

Modern Gopnik: photos in the cap back into fashion

Now Gopnik cult still exists, albeit not on the same scale as before.Current petty criminals, as before, "live in packs," and so are the Rogue lifestyle.However, now they are quite easy to see even in the crowded crowd.

Modern Russian Gopnik - a "clear patsanchik" who lives "on concepts."Here are these concepts are very different from those which are used to normal people.Gopnik often deprived of even basic compassion, because he believes that his actions there is nothing unnatural.In his mind, it's pretty simple: survival of the fittest.

Another problem is that the image of idealized Gopnik modern youth.Due to the series, for example, the same "team", life of crime began to attract many children.Especially if their life was far from perfect.

laws by which live Gopnik

Let Gopnik - this scum of society, but even in his world, there are certain laws.First of all, it is subject zonovskih order and violate their Gopnik not allowed.Otherwise, it may lose credibility in the eyes of his comrades.

Gopnik is why first of all try to intimidate their victim mentally.To do this, they use a conversational ploy."Who are you?" Or "Why are you walking here?" Such questions - some kind of greeting, and if a person answers incorrectly, then Gopnik begins active verbal assault.Everything goes on for a long time thumb scheme, through which the victim turns into a sucker.A "on the concepts," with Lohan and ask no sin.

Who are Gopnik?

Often this way of life are those who are born in a dysfunctional family.Deprived of parental warmth and affection, from an early age they watched others enjoy life.This embittered their heart and mind, moreover, they passionately want to get all the things that have been deprived of, no matter what method.

important role played by alcohol.Gopnik from an early age consume beer, vodka sometimes, because to get alcohol is now easier than ever.And what to expect from a man who begins to drink in 10-12 years?

The final factor is the bad company.After all, if a long time to live with the wolves, then you begin to howl like a wolf.