How to cook pasta and mushroom sauce to it

Do you like Italian food?In case you have answered this question in the affirmative, you are sure to enjoy our proposed recipe for cooking pasta.This dish will be your favorite, in fact, tell me what a fan of Italian cuisine are not fond of pasta?And in this recipe she is the main ingredient.And besides improving the taste of food is excellent mushroom sauce, which is prepared specifically for pasta.So, let's get down to a more detailed study of the two recipes.

Pasta with mushroom sauce

This dish can cook only a true lover of Italian cuisine and the country, because only he can learn all the details of the preparation of national dishes.The paste, as is known, is one of them.Basically, it is a very easy to cook, but for a beginner in this case there is nothing easy.Try themselves regarded complexity of cooking pasta.

can not say that this low-calorie meal - all rather quite the opposite: it is 100 grams contains about 300 calories.A bit much, is not it?However, the palatability of cooked still have their - you become a true fan of his.

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To prepare such a miracle of culinary art, you will need pasta - 200 grams.Brewed it is very easy: simply take a large pot, pour into it the appropriate amount of water and put on the stove to boil it.Once this happens, salt water and put it in her pasta.Cook for a long time do not have to - as soon as you notice that the pasta is almost ready, you can pour the water and spread the remaining content in the bowl in which you later plan to submit the finished dish, then pour the mushroom sauce.

mushroom sauce should be prepared before you start cooking pasta - in this case, you will be able to file a hot dish - it should be.Just the thing is that the pasta is cooked very quickly, and the sauce is preparing for much longer

How to cook mushroom sauce for pasta

To prepare the mushroom sauce, you will need, in fact, mushrooms themselves - they must be 200 grams (perfectly suited common mushrooms).They should be washed, cleaned and cut into small pieces.After that, put them aside and take the further cooking sauce - saute onions.To do this, you need onions and a tablespoon olive oil.Heat the oil in a frying pan, and while this will happen, you can do cutting onions into small pieces.Once the oil gets hot, sprinkle in the pan and fry the onion until it until it becomes golden brown.Then crush or rub on a fine grater a few cloves of garlic - in the given amount of the other ingredients will suffice 2-3 cloves.It can also be added to the frying onions.In this part of the mass of fry for a couple of minutes, slightly priubaviv fire.Season with salt and pepper and add a variety of spices and herbs.To mushroom sauce it was not only fragrant, but also delicious, as spice can use oregano, basil and marjoram - in this combination of herbs give the desired effect.Only after the addition of herbs can put the mushrooms to the pan and continue roasting without adding fire.Behind mushrooms necessarily pour 100 ml of white wine (for this dish is ideal for dry).Cover the pan with a lid and simmer for seven minutes, reduce the heat.Do not forget the occasional stirring the sauce.Once you realize that the mushrooms are ready, you can remove the pan from the stove - the sauce is ready.

Now you know how to cook a mushroom sauce and cook the pasta.Learn try, experiment.Good luck with that, and of course, enjoy your meal!