When you install Windows 7 fails.

Although it is believed that the Windows installation is fully automated, unfortunately, too many, users are faced with situations in which to install Windows 7 fails.What is the saddest thing, it can be observed when formatting a hard disk or partition, and when the installation process is already running.

why when you install Windows 7, an error 0x80070017?

I have to say that Windows 7 in various versions and builds though is universal, so to speak, "sharpened" under the classic, yet when you install it, many users experience various difficulties.

In contrast to the same version of XP, even the original disc with all drivers and installer does not guarantee a successful installation of "seven" on a PC or laptop.The fact is that the installer was originally incorporated some settings, without which the Operating System on the hard disk is simply not arise.When you install Windows 7, an error is often even at the initial stage.Why - we now try to understand.

problems with reading data from the optical disc

As has become clear, we will proceed from the fact that the installation distribution is on the optical media in the DVD-Video.Say at once, on a regular CD does not get it, so if you got a disk, it can be safely discarded.It will lack many of the components, at least, a database of drivers for sure.

However, returning to the question of why, when you install Windows 7, an error, it is necessary immediately to look at the status of the disc.Who knows, maybe it is scratched or cracked, due to which the reading of installation files is impossible.

On the other hand, the problem may be in the drive (drive DVD-ROM).If for some reason he does not see the disk or in the process of installing an error is very likely that the read head is damaged.And drivers may not always work correctly.

What to do?It's simple: either replace the drive, or you can create a bootable flash drive and try to install it.Programs to create installation USB-carriers now missing.

modes Winchester

However, even in a situation with an intact vehicle can also be seen a situation where when you install Windows 7, an error at the stage of formatting or copying data.

is due, it is applied to Windows 7, and with the fact that the process of installation can not get the correct access to the hard drive.In this case, you need to log in to the BIOS and change the mode of operation of the controller with SATA-AHCI to IDE.

In some situations where the installation takes place more or less successfully, the problem is that when you install Windows 7, an error may be due to the presence of incorrect boot records.The subtleties we will not delve into.But it may be advisable to use during the installation boot repair, using a combination of bootrec / fixmbr at the command line, caused by a combination of keys Shift + F10.

Update errors

With updates the situation is somewhat worse.Even in this case, the installation of Windows 7 fails.

Then we can proceed in different ways: either disable the automatic update in general in "Update" (standard "Control Panel"), or there is a more effective method.It is to the command line, calling or from the main menu under "All Programs" / "Accessories" menu "Run" input reduction cmd, or from the Windows Recovery Console on the original disk (which is preferred), consistently prescribethe following commands: first net stop wuauserv, and then CD% systemroot% \ SoftwareDistribution, further Ren Download Download.old and finally net start wuauserv.After this update should take place without any problems.

Summary In conclusion, it should be said that when you install Windows 7, an error not only in the above described embodiments situations.Problems can occur quite a lot.At the same installation process must not only install the system, but, in practice, in addition to download and install the drivers for all devices.In particular, it concerns the Russian version of the maximum that can be found, so to speak, "kreknutom" without the introduction of a license codes and subsequent activation.