What are the doors for a fireplace?

in stoves and fireplaces is considered a priority fire safety.The doors to protect themselves from the fire permit random sparks and embers caught in the furnace room.And if they are in the furnace is controlled, and the intensity of combustion of the fuel rod, the fireplaces are arranged fire protection.It should be evident, otherwise disappear are the focus.As it heats the room, and also gives the opportunity to enjoy the live fire.

Doors: construction

To create a panoramic effect, use glass doors for fireplaces.The glass around the perimeter is surrounded by a frame of metal, which is laying of insulation.In fact, this transparent ceramics, therefore, it can withstand heating up to 800 ˚C.The configuration depends on the style of the door body, it is at the same time takes up most or all of the facial area of ​​the furnace.

Glass come in different sizes: medium, small, large.At the same geometric shapes are made:

  • rectangular;
  • arched;
  • trapezoidal;
  • flat or convex;
  • round, oval.

closing doors with glass also possible in various embodiments.Among them, the most convenient:

  • double swing (two flaps are joined in the middle, hung on hinges on the sides);
  • swing (one sash is hinged on the side);
  • closed up vertically.

Structurally door for furnaces and fireplaces can consist of one or several interconnected rigid parts.Each of them is set into the fold, the pre framed seal.Panoramic windows are the most comfortable to watch the flames.They are not divided into parts and are virtually equal in size dimensions sash.This design is suitable for a large fireplace of a country house, which is equipped with a flue design.

Operation doors

If your fireplace with wood, while its walls over time begins to settle black.The situation is aggravated softwood logs that actively secrete resin.They are deposited on the walls in the form of soot.Consequently, the door for the fireplace turbid and contaminated.To combat the phenomenon of a system of self-purification.

This air curtain formed by the flow of air through the gap.In the upper part of it gets cold and descends.Thus, the glass door is not necessary to clean.

Forged door for the fireplace

should be noted that the materials the valves are now equal to the requirements imposed, regardless of the shape of the hull of the fireplace.If he has an angular shape, and curly leaf, the metal can be a major part of it.For this purpose, cast iron or refractory steel and glass in the embodiment are shaped like stained glass.What it gives you the opportunity to combine a variety of texture and glass tinting.

for cast iron fireplace door must be closed to prevent further fire floor.If you are using Bio Fireplace (it is typical for apartments), then it is made of the same materials: metal and glass ceramics.For different species fittings flaps typically include handles that can be removable mounted hinges, locking mechanisms, fasteners.

metal door

Today it is very common to see fireplaces, sash which are made of thermo.The first door to the fire with his hands was made of metal.Unlike similar designs is that they be integral could not.An important feature is also in the form of doors.The point in this case is that the fire was able to heat the room exclusively due to thermal radiation, which required and open hearth.

The advantages of metal doors is their visual appeal.Several shortcomings.In these doors is practically no protection from emerging smoke.In addition, they will obstruct the view of the fire, thereby deprive its special charm.Fire-resistant doors for a fireplace made of metal from each other by the fact that hinder heat radiation.And it is not particularly welcome owners of the house.Although the doors do not hinder greatly, since metal can heat up and then give a little warm room.

doors for a fireplace glass

Glass today is a very fashionable material.It got in the twentieth century widespread.And the appearance of fire resistant glass is completely changed views on the design of the fireplace.This new material allowed to watch the flames.In addition, it is possible to control the combustion, to supplement it, modify, checking each time by a permanently open doors.

among glass furnaces can see the facades, different in character: convex, prismatic, angular, three- and two-sided - all sorts of consumer choice.They are absolutely not hide from the eyes of flame, but quite the contrary - can increase the viewing angle.

Glass types

Today glass doors for fireplaces have become so popular that among them there were some varieties.

Tempered glass

It is made of plain glass by tempering: heated to a temperature that causes the softening, after which it is cooled very quickly.Through this glass is capable of hard work to acquire characteristics that are needed.Appears resistance to high temperatures (400 degrees).Moreover, with such a parameter arises resistance to various mechanical damage.This figure is 2.5 times higher than that of a simple glass cover.

Quartz glass

It is made of silica (quartz or sand) instead of glass.Other impurities while not added or - to a minimum.Such a glass composition of the most basic, but the production technology is highly complex.It has a very high melting point, thereby difficult to recycle and treatment.But it is now increasingly used by making the doors for a fireplace.It is due to high efforts that have been invested in production, this glass has a high price, considered one of the most expensive.

borosilicate glass

This glass is made from a large amount of silica with the mandatory addition of boron oxide.This chemical element is renowned for being able to provide a low melting point, which means that the glass will plasticity.Already finished product able to have a high degree of heat resistance (about 800 degrees).Furthermore, it is endowed with special mechanical strength is 5 times greater than that of common glass.That is why so much of it is made for the fireplace doors.

Manufacturing doors

These works are not very complicated, therefore, they can perform and amateur.Specific skills and knowledge you do not need.Production takes place in the following order:

  1. the required parameters cut area that converts to a completely flat surface.Then paste it into the form.
  2. uniformity and correctness of the compounds is checked with the help of the polygon.
  3. Joints elements are fixed by welding.
  4. Clears welding residues.
  5. on sheet metal frame is set, and made a mark on a piece of contour of the door.
  6. If the thickness of the metal is about 2 mm, then you do not need to cook a separate frame.Now, features of its size - a little more internal.The sheet will lay lap, so he will be able to protect the room from getting smoke.
  7. metal element is cut and the cutting wheel grinder.
  8. Veil welded to the frame, and then exhibited a prepared element.Then check the accuracy of placement of the veil, and their further tack the metal.
  9. Removed influx of welding, after which the handle is attached.

Now it is clear that with their own hands to make the door is possible.This product can produce any.At the same time it can be operated for a long time.

Summing up, it should be noted that any type of doors is good in its own way.Chimney materials chosen depending on their operating conditions.Therefore, this problem is solved by the fireplace manufacturer.