How to dress a child for the weather?

walk on the street - a pleasant and useful pastime.To know the world, to communicate with children and adults - this is so cool!But the weather is not always pleases us, so mothers worry about how to dress the baby in the street correctly.

Kuta or not?

Grandma used to the fact that children have to coddle.Steam bones do not ache - this is a common proverb.But modern doctors ascertain that more need to be afraid of overheating.Movable children's hot all the time, they are easy to sweat, unbutton clothes, removed his hat, and just there is more risk of catching cold.Overheating - stress on the immune system, and subcooling small, usually not bear any harm.

So, we will figure out how to dress baby for the weather that he was comfortable, and the walk brings joy.

Criteria for selecting clothes

1. Age of the child (infants do not dress as "runners" or students).

2. Mobility during the walk (in a wheelchair, in the arms of my mother, mainly walks, runs or rides a bicycle).

3. The temperature in the street.

4. Atmospheric phenomena (sun, wind, snow, humidity).

3. Specific features of the kid (he personally expresses his feelings about the comfort temperature, the child is almost always hot or cold when you dress).


babies are more sensitive to temperature changes.For them the danger of bears as overheating and overcooling.How to dress a child for a walk?And how to determine that the clothing does not fit?If the child is uncomfortable, it is likely to report this cry.From time to time you need to touch the back of the head and the back of Chad to see if it is not hot.As a rule, young mothers and grandmothers is prone to overheat the baby, not supercool.Easy summer breeze - not a reason to wear a warm hat.If after a walk discovered that a baby's wet hair and back, you obviously gone too far with the clothes.

Kids 1-3 years old have more resistant to changes in atmospheric conditions and better regulate their body temperature.But they can often be seen "hundred odezhek without fasteners."

Preschoolers 3-5 years has improved in thermoregulation, moreover, tend to be very mobile.However, if the child is hot or cold, he stated emphatically that.So you have it easier to determine how to properly put on the child.The older the children are, the easier it is to find out their individual sense of comfort temperature.

schoolchildren and teenagers - a special theme.There is already another problem, because the cooler winter walking without a hat, do not wear underwear or warm leggings.Both boys and girls at risk to earn acute and chronic diseases, if not dressed for the weather.Therefore, parents should communicate clearly and sensitively explain what threatens to hypothermia.Suggest bright accessories (hat, scarf, gloves) to choose a teenager, and stylish underwear, and the problem will be solved.Perhaps your child and friends to follow suit.

mobility by walking

If a kid is in a wheelchair and sit / lie, he would need an extra layer of clothing or blanket.If you are wearing baby in a sling or backpack outside of your heat will be transferred to it, so do not need extra packs.Slingokurtka hiding crumbs in general allow him to dress in warm clothes and hat for the house of the weather, because "on the surface" is only his head.

«Walkers" and "runners" need lightweight clothing.Even if you are cold, you can be sure that the baby warm.For your own peace of mind periodically check how your child comfortable.But if he knows the world with enthusiasm and runs for friends, for sure he is well.

how to dress for the weather of the child, if he is engaged in an active sport?He is useful lightweight clothing with a membrane layer that displays the excess heat out.

temperature "overboard»

most comfortable temperature - about 20-23 degrees Celsius.If it's freezing below -15, it is better to refrain from walking.The heat above 30 degrees in the shade is also very dangerous.

Other temperature intervals - from minus 10 to plus 28 - it is good to walk in the right to pick up clothes.

weather conditions (sun, wind, snow)

strong wind and high humidity cause that we freeze faster.You will need an extra layer of clothes and windproof jacket.Heavy snow is dangerous because the child can gradually wet clothes and shoes, so watch the weather forecast, if you choose away from home.

sun and calm, in contrast, are more favorable for walking, and extra layers of clothing can only interfere.

Individual features

Attentive mother will notice if the baby is constantly complaining about the heat or cold."Merzlyachie" children - a rare phenomenon.Apparently, because of their all time Kuta, and they do not suffer from this.But if you hear the whole day, "I'm hot!", Then you got a "warm-blooded" baby.How to dress for the weather of the child in this case?If you see that it is objectively more comfortable without many jackets, leave it as is, do not put on extra layers.However, you have to be prepared for the fact that my grandmother at the entrances will shake his head when they see your baby "light."But remember that the overheating risk and only you are responsible for the child's health.

freezing or too hot?

most often mothers worry about whether the child is not frozen.

Signs of hypothermia:

  • screaming, crying, active movement;
  • very cold feet (maybe boots have become small, and legs quickly frozen);
  • pale skin.

How to check whether the baby warm?If the nose, cheeks, hands and ass cool, all right.If it is very cold, it's time to warm up.

overheating - a thirst, a warm person (in winter), hot and sweaty back and neck.

What if overheating and overcooling

frozen child can squeeze yourself and warm.If he knows how to run, zateyte fun game with jumping and waving his arms.When the baby gets warm, put it a little warmer.

overheating - a dangerous condition.It is necessary to remove excess layers of clothing and restore water balance, offer water, juice, fruit compote.In summer you can rub the forehead and hands with water.

If there was overheating or hypothermia, it is best to take the baby home.

clothes baby winter

With the approach of cold weather the parents are thinking about how to dress the baby in the winter well.On the one hand, there is a temptation as much as possible to stay at home.Less risk of cold and pick up an infection.But this is misleading.That fresh air and movement help your baby strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of disease to a minimum.Modern winter clothes for children is very comfortable and functional, and you can walk with pleasure.

The simplest rule - focus on the temperature that the thermometer shows the street.

in the range of "minus 5 plus 5" will be enough of these layers: underwear (tights and T-shirt with long sleeves), insulated coveralls, thin socks, warm boots with wool insole, warm gloves and hat.Winter clothing for children should be light in weight and warm.

If it's 5-10 degrees below zero, you need to add another layer of clothing (knitted turtleneck) and wool socks.

how to dress the baby in the winter, if the street minus 10-15?We put on extra fleece hooking (bike and pants).Wool socks are thicker shoes if you want to replace the boots.Coverall to choose a heater from natural down with a deep hood.Warm gloves will warm your hands are better than gloves.

The bitter cold is better not to go out.But if there is such a need, try to shorten the time walking and protect the baby's skin with a special cream on oily basis.

How to dress for winter and autumn - the general principles

1. Stratification.Several layers of clothes better hold heat.Thus, at low temperatures shirt sleeve turtleneck plus better than a sweater.

2. impregnation by wind and water.For outerwear is necessary, because in the wet jacket freeze very easily.And if you allow your child to lie in the snow, or walking in the rain, buy a waterproof overalls and boots.

3. Movement.If the baby is moving actively consider this when choosing clothes.

4. Control.Often parents find it difficult to immediately determine how to dress baby for the weather.But if you regularly check it after the street it becomes clear how much had made the right choice of clothes.If a kid sweaty and wet, you need to reduce the layers, unless of course the cool, can be added.

5. Ease and freedom of movement.These are the main distinguishing features of modern clothing for the cold season.

how to dress the baby in autumn and winter?Hopefully, now you know the answer to this question.