How to adjust the screen resolution on Windows 7 from A to Z

So today we will talk with you about how to adjust the screen resolution on Windows 7. To be honest, this is a very broad question, which covers virtually every element of computer graphics.Here and computer games, and pictures with the photos and display Web pages, and system settings.In general, the facilities subject to scaling, very much.And that is why we will discuss with you every moment alone.


So, the first thing that we can only discuss with you on how to adjust the screen resolution on Windows 7 - a change of scale displayed on the monitor image.Here everything is clear and simple.

first step is to open an image file.Now simply roll the mouse wheel.In the direction of "the" - the scale is reduced, "by itself" - will increase.This resolution does not change the system settings.

In addition, you can increase the size of the picture.This will require recourse to any third-party program.For example, "Picture Manager".Reveals to her image, select "Edit" - "to change the size."Exhibiting the necessary numbers, and save the changes.That's all the problems.However, changing the screen resolution is applicable to Windows 7 in a slightly different way.And now we look to you, what else can we talk about.

For games

For example, we can talk about the display of graphics in the game.After all, this is where many people think, how to adjust the screen resolution on Windows 7, with all this without affecting the system configuration.It's very uncomfortable.Especially when you have on your desktop is a lot of different labels.

come to the aid of a special game settings.They allow you to figure out how to create your screen resolution in Windows 7 and install it only for the period of the game in a particular application.Run the program, and then select where the "Options" or "Preferences".Next will have to visit the graphics settings.There you will find us the necessary point.It is called - the screen resolution.Expose it appropriate values, and then save the changes.That's all.

Nevertheless relatively Games has another appointment.It will help to answer how to adjust the screen resolution on Windows 7, but such is not in the settings toys.Start windowed mode, and then simply drag the "corners of the" window of our game.When you reach the desired results, just go to the game mode.Nothing difficult or special.But you will be able to set such a permit, which is convenient for you.But there are still at least two meanings applied to the question: "How Windows 7 change the screen resolution?"And now we get to know them.


Sometimes the question may sound from the users of the World Wide Web.After all, they want to change the scale of the display pages on the Internet.Sometimes it is very useful.So let's try to understand how it is done.

Here there are several scenarios.For starters, you can try to open your browser, look there, "Zoom", and then set the desired digit display.They will be indicated as a percentage.100% - this is the norm, values ​​below - reduce the scale and above - increased.Save changes - and all the problems are solved.

can also click the Ctrl, and then on the "+" or "-" are on the right tsifirnoy keypad.This combination serves to increase the image and reduce it accordingly.In addition, to deal with the questions you can and using the mouse.To hold down Ctrl, and then turn the mouse wheel."Self" - reduces the resolution, "by itself" - increases.Nothing difficult, right?Only now we got you to the most important points for the computer.Namely, try to understand how to adjust the screen resolution on Windows 7 with respect to the system settings.

system for

However, this issue will not take much of your time.After all, Windows 7 operating system settings are simplified to the maximum.If you suddenly need to change the screen resolution of your monitor, then simply click the mouse on the free space on your desktop.Do this by using the right button.

You will see a long list of functions performed.Find it "Screen Resolution" and select the item.In the resulting window should find the same parameter, and then just move the slider up or down, depending on the desired result.If you want to reduce the size of the icons?Then we'll move the slider up.Enlarge?Suitable downward movement.Save the changes, confirm them - and all problems are solved.Now you know how to change the scale of Windows 7 in all senses.