Pygmy rabbit

appearance in pet stores and bird market dwarf rabbits caused a lot of questions about these unusual and touching animals.Where did they come from?As they contain and whether it is possible to keep the house?How do they differ from normal rabbits?Can they be a little different for a child?Let's try to answer these questions.

Unlike conventional, dwarf rabbits are very small.If ordinary adult rabbits weighing 5-8 kg, it dwarfs - often 1-1.5 kg.Not only kids but also adults dwarfs and short blunt snout, large eyes and ears are much shorter than normal.

Dwarf rabbits - animal breeds, keep them at home a snap.Power rabbits should be varied.In the summer they provide cereals ("grass"), dandelion, clover, plantain, mother and stepmother, and other wild plants.Pay close attention to the feed have not been put poisonous plants such as buttercups and celandine.Summer is also useful to include in the diet of twigs of willow, aspen, and in winter - ate.They readily eat oatmeal, oats, wheat and bread.In winter, when there is no grass, rabbits need hay and vegetables (carrots, cabbage, beets, boiled potatoes in salt water).They're good eating apples.Dairy and meat products do not provide adult rabbits.2-2.5 months rabbits need to drink milk, but the beets should not give them.In rabbits should always be water.

Dwarf rabbits begin to breed at the age of 6-8 months, but sometimes later.Unlike conventional rabbit, dwarf rabbit bring usually 2-4 kid.If you decide to buy a dwarf rabbit, it is best to take on the education of children aged 1.5-2 months.By this time the rabbits have completely matured and can eat independently.

often ask whether you can keep the rabbits, so to speak, in the open pasture and they are accustomed to the "toilet".Yes, they may contain loosely and not in a cell, and they get used to the closet.But it should be borne in mind that rabbits love to chew on chair legs, snap off the wallpaper and can gnaw through wiring.Perhaps the only drawback when the content of the rabbits in the apartment - a rather strong odor that appears, if time does not clean their cage.But if the cage cleaned regularly, every 2-3 days, then there is almost no smell.

rapidly growing popularity of dwarf rabbits as pets is not accidental.She explains that the creation of these quickly become absolutely tame and have good intelligence.A hand-dwarf rabbit - gentle creature in communion.Usually rabbits buy children (in Catholic countries - as an Easter gift).

Rabbits - intelligent animals.They respond to the nickname, willing to perform some stunts.They can be trained to jump through a hoop, a stick or a small barerchik.When they are released from the cells close walk (and you should do it regularly), they happily jump on the floor or couch, funny "throwing" long hind legs.

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