Aviation World War II.

Many can tell about World War II.Fact exists a huge amount.This review should pay attention to this topic, as aviation World War II.Let's talk about the most famous planes that were used in the fighting.

basic unit of the Soviet fleet

-16 - "ass", "ishachok."Monoplane fighter of Soviet production.He first appeared in the 30s.This was the OKB Polikarpov.The first who climbed the fighters in the air, was Valery Chkalov.It happened at the end of December 1933.The aircraft took part in the civil war that broke out in 1936 in Spain, in conflict with the Japanese on Khalkhin Gol, in the Russo-Finnish battle.By the beginning of the Great Patriotic fighter is the basic unit of the corresponding fleet of the USSR.Most pilots began his career with the service is on I-16.

Inventions Alexander Yakovlev

Aviation Second World War included his number and Yak-3.Beneath it is to be understood a single-engine fighter, the development of which was led by Alexander Yakovlev.The plane was an excellent continuation of the Yak-1.Production flying machine took place from 1994 to 1945.During this time managed to construct about 5,000 fighters.The plane was recognized as the best fighter of World War II, intended for low altitudes.This model was in service in France.

Aviation USSR acquired much since the invention of the airplane Yak-7 (UTI-26).It is a single-engine aircraft designed by Alexander Yakovlev.Used with the position of trainer aircraft.Production began in 1942.The air rose about 6 thousand of these models.

better models

Aviation Soviet Union had such a fighter, as a K-9.This is the mass model, production of which lasted about six years, starting from 1942.During this time, it was constructed about 17 thousand aircraft.Although the model had little difference from the plane of FC-7, all the factors, it seems to be perfect continuation series.

aircraft produced under the direction of Petlyakov

discussing a topic such as aircraft of World War II, one should note the plane called the Pawn (Pe-2).This dive bomber, which is the most popular in its class.This model is actively used on the battlefield.

Aviation World War II, the Soviet Union included in its composition, and a flying machine as PE-3.Under this model, it should be understood twin-engine fighter.Its main feature was a metal construction.Has been developed in OKB-29.The basis was taken by dive bomber PE-2.He supervised the production process B. Petlyakov.The first aircraft was constructed in 1941.From his bomber characterized by the absence of the lower hatch rifle installation.There was no brake gratings.

fighter capable of flying at high altitudes

Military aircraft in the USSR during the Second World War has been supplemented in such a high-altitude fighter MiG-3.This aerial transportation was used in various embodiments.Among the main differences can be identified that it could go up to a height of 12,000 meters.The rate thus reached a high enough level.With this fighter pilots successfully fought with enemy aircraft.

Fighters, who led the Lavochkin production

Speaking on a topic such as aircraft of World War II, one should note the model named LaGG-3.This monoplane fighter, which was in service with the Air Forces of the Red Army.It was used from the perspective of a fighter, interceptor, bomber, reconnaissance.Production lasted from 1941 to 1944.Designers are Lavochkin, Gorbunov, Gudkov.Among the positive qualities should highlight the presence of powerful weapons, high survivability, minimum use of rare materials.The main inputs used to create the fighter pine and plywood.

Military aviation was in its model stock La-5, the construction of which took place under the leadership of Lavochkin.This monoplane fighter.The main characteristics is the presence of only one place, closed cockpit, wooden frame and are exactly the same wing spars.Production of the aircraft began in 1942.In the beginning, as the only automatic weapons were used 20-mm cannon in the amount of two pieces.Constructors they were placed in the front part of the motor.Instrumentation no different variety.There was not even a single gyroscopic device.And if we compare this with the plane aerial vehicles that were used by Germany, America or England, it may seem that he is very much lagging behind them in technical terms.However, the flight performance at a high level.Everything else, simple design, no need for time-consuming maintenance, undemanding to the conditions of takeoff field makes the model is just perfect for that period.In one year, it was developed about one thousand fighters.

History of Aviation of the USSR keeps the references about such models as the La-7.This is a single-seat monoplane fighter, which is engaged in designing Lavochkin.The first such aircraft was released in 1944.In the air he rose in February.In May, it was decided to start its mass production.Almost all the pilots who became Heroes of the Soviet Union, flew to La-7.

model produced under the guidance of Polikarpov

Military aviation USSR included the U-2 model (PO-2).This multipurpose biplane Polikarpov production which led in 1928.The main purpose for which the escape of the aircraft, was to train pilots.For him, it was characterized by a good handling qualities.When the Great Patriotic War, the standard model, it was decided to alter the lungs, night bomber planes.Wherein the load reached 350 kg.The aircraft was manufactured in series until 1953.Total managed to produce about 33 thousand models.


fighter Military aircraft of World War II included such a machine, as the Tu-2.This model is also known as the ANT-58 and Tu-103 2.This twin-engine bomber, which could develop a high-speed flight.For all time of its manufacture it was constructed about 2257 models.On arms bomber was before 1950.

Flying Tank

not less popular such aircraft as the Il-2.Attack aircraft also carried the nickname "hunchback."This has contributed to form the fuselage.Designers call this machine a flying tank.German pilots a similar model called the concrete and cemented bomber aircraft due to its particular strength.Production attack aircraft Ilyushin worked.

What can you say about aviation in Germany?

German aircraft of World War II included such a model as "Messerschmitt Bf.109".This piston fighter nizkoplan.It was used as an interceptor, fighter, bomber and reconnaissance aircraft.It is the most popular aircraft in the history of the Second World War (33984 model).Almost all German pilots began to fly on this plane.

"Messerschmitt Bf.110" - heavy fighter strategic nature.Due to the fact that it can not be used for its intended purpose, the model was retrained in the bomber.The aircraft widely used in different countries.He participated in the fighting in various parts of the globe.Luck was accompanied by such aircraft in connection with the suddenness of his appearance.However, if the maneuver battle raged, this model is almost always lost.In this connection, such an aircraft was withdrawn from the front in 1943.

"Messerschmitt Me.163" (Comet) - missile interceptor.First flew in 1941 at the beginning of September.Mass production is no different.By 1944, only 44 were produced model.The first sortie took place only in 1944.Total with them were shot down only 9 aircraft loss 11.

"Messerschmitt Me.210" - heavy fighter, who spoke as a replacement model Bf.110.His first flight made in 1939.In its design, the model had a few defects, in connection with which it is worth fighting hard enough hit.All came out about 90 models.320 aircraft and was not completed.

"Messerschmitt Me.262" - jet fighters, who also served as a bomber and reconnaissance aircraft.The world's first jet aircraft that took part in the fighting.Also, it can be considered the world's first jet fighter.The main armament were 30 mm aerogun, which were installed near the bow.In this connection it was secured heap and dense fire.

Aircraft British manufacturing

"Hawker Hurricane" - a British single-seat fighter production, released in 1939.Total production in the world came about 14 thousand models.In this regard, various modifications the machine was used as an interceptor, bomber and attack aircraft.There were some modifications, which meant taking off from aircraft carriers.Among the aces of the German plane was called "a bucket of nuts."This is due to the fact that it was rather difficult to manage and slowly climb.

"Supermarine Spitfire" - British-made fighter who has one engine and an all-metal monoplane with a wing positioned low enough.The chassis of this model it was possible to clean up.Various modifications allowed to use the model as a fighter, interceptor, bomber and reconnaissance aircraft.It produced about 20 thousand cars.Some of them used to the '50s.Mainly it applied only at the beginning of the war.

"Hawker Typhoon" - a single bomber, the production of which was carried out before 1945.On arms consisted until 1947.Development was carried out in order to use it with the position of the interceptor.He is one of the most successful fighters.However, there were some problems, which can be distinguished from the low rate of climb.The first flight took place in 1940.

Japan Aviation

Japanese aircraft of World War II largely copied the model of the aircraft, which have been used in Germany.A large number of fighter jets to support ground troops in combat.It is also meant local air superiority.Often planes during World War II were used for flying to China.It is worth noting that in the Japanese aircraft were not bombers.Among the main fighter can be distinguished: Nakajima Ki-27, Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa, Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki, Kawasaki Ki-45 Toryu, Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien.Japanese Air Force also used vehicles, training, reconnaissance aircraft.In aviation, there was a place for a special purpose models.

American fighters

What more can be said on the topic of how aircraft of World War II?The US has also not stood aside.Americans for quite understandable reasons quite thoroughly approached the development of the Navy and Air Force.Most likely, it is this thoroughness and played a role in that American-made aircraft were among the most powerful, not only in numbers but also in features.By the beginning of military operations in the US arsenal consisted of models such as the Curtiss P-40.But after a while this machine was replaced with a P-51 Mustang, P-47 Thunderbolt, P-38 Lightning.As a strategic bomber planes used models such as the B-17 and B-FlyingFortress 24 Liberator.In order to be able to carry out strategic bombing of Japan in America constructed aircraft model B-29 Superfortress.


Aviation in World War II played a significant role.No aircraft has not done almost no fighting.However, there is nothing strange in the fact that the states were measured by not only on land but also in the air.Accordingly, pilot training, and the creation of new aircraft each country fit with a great deal of responsibility.In this review we have tried to consider the aerial means used (successful and not) in hostilities.