The image and characteristics Yaroslavna

In Russia, there were so many princes, descendants of Rurik.As a rule, they were many children.At Vladimir Red Sun had 12 children, his son Yaroslav the Wise - 10, Yuri Dolgoruky - 11. It is difficult not to get lost in them, and certainly impossible to remember their wives (if you are not a professional and did not specifically deal with this issue).

Yaroslavna - really existed person

The ruling dynasty Russian women have a high-profile names.Were they in Ancient Russia - who do not know or Princess Olga Yaroslavna?The first of these rules the country, and the second was widely known as a faithful, loving wife.

image Yaroslavna, real-life historical figure, was sung in the product "Lay."He turned so bright that captured the imagination of an artist, sculptor, poet and composer.The very character works in real life was quite well-born - her mother Olga, princess of Suzdal, was the daughter of Grand Duke of Kiev, the founder of Moscow - Dolgoruky.

excellent pedigree

Father Yaroslav (Vladimirkovich) was pretty bright personality and had the nickname Osmomysl - owns eight minds, that is very clever.We can say that Yaroslavna - a girl from a noble family.In her veins the blood of Rurik - is the first characteristic of Yaroslavna.While the "word" father not seem positive hero, but rather a family despot and a scoundrel.Origin Osmomysl was very noble - his mother was the daughter of Kalman Bookman - Hungarian king of Arpad kind.Her name was Sophia Hungarian.Father Osmomysl - Prince Vladimir Galitsky Volodarevich - married his son to Yaroslavna, marking this marriage alliance with Yuri Dolgoruky in the fight against the prince of Kiev Izyaslav Mstislavovich.

second birth Yaroslavna

marriage was dynastic, but successful way of Yaroslavna became a symbol of a loving and beloved wife.It should be noted that paternal our heroine was in kinship with the Byzantine emperor.Despite the popularity of the image, nor the exact dates of birth and death Yaroslavna, no information about whether she was the second wife of Igor (his children in such a case comes to her stepchildren) are not available.Claimed by the name of the princess.Actually, not a biography Yaroslavna made her famous.She became famous for the strength of his longing for her husband was captured by Polovtsy, his "weeping" over it, became an essential element of the whole system of poetic literary monument "Lay", the first edition of which was released in 1800.

poetic pinnacle product

Of course, the work of mourning Yaroslavna - poetic top.He was so shocked contemporaries, that there are allegations of supplies of weeping others.Prince Igor, with all its agony and shame ("Oh, give me the freedom I have my shame'll be able to redeem ..."), I went by the wayside. His wife was the main protagonist of the product - is also a characteristic of Yaroslavna. The strength of a woman's love is not just, and it isreflected in the literature, saved the hero from death and returned to their homes. This is very well said Paul Antokolsky poem "Yaroslavna": "There are women that right: in flood any weather be reliable crossing over the disaster and through the years ...." Securitythe power of a woman's love, like love itself - it is the greatest miracle in the world, which is also written millions of books. And if this power to add also help pagan gods - positive results achieved.

Many articles indicated thethe fact that Novgorod-Seversky the princess was Sage. And with this information characteristic Yaroslavna gained a new bar. It is on the highest floor wall Putyvl-hail not lila tears for the dead, and ask for help and reproach to the pagan gods, under the protection of which RussiaHe lived for centuries.Baptism happened at that time, most recently (1185 - Igor's campaign, 988 - Russia adopted Christianity).Paganism lives in us until now.

know everything about Prince Igor

back and even made another trip to the Polovtsian.He was born in 1151, lived to 1202 (quite a decent time for the standards), became the prince of Chernigov and was buried next to his uncle - Prince Igor - the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral in Chernigov.About Yaroslavna - a word.The historian Basil Nikitich Tatishchev is a description of the spouses after meeting Igor escape from captivity.But there is no evidence to support that fact documented.Tatishchev he mentions how the name Yaroslavna - Yefrosinya.But other historians argue that the church is the name of her mother.

collective image of Russian women

But not for the glory of the ages conjured Yaroslavna.She wanted to regain a loved one, and the country - the defender.But he also glorified.There are dozens of paintings depicting the beauty, the princess in the climax of her life, when nature itself imbued with her grief and hurries to help her.Many poets, starting with Derzhavin, turned to her image.However, there is no exact description of Yaroslavna.The young wife of Prince - and all.All the paintings of artists Yaroslavna - a beauty.So perhaps it was.Yes, and the image of the collective.On the possibilities of Russian women before Nekrasov said in Russian epics, including dating from the XII century as "the Word."

Rich Russian heroines

Bylina "Avdotya Ryazanochka" tells the story of how a young woman from a ruined and burnt Ryazan Bakhmet went to Turkey to release captive citizens.Having overcome all difficulties unimaginable way, she reached Bakhmet which, being an old man, seen a lot, was so shocked by her feat that not only released the prisoners, but gave the money from the treasury to restore torn down Ryazan.Avdotya city restored.At the same time he lived and Fevronia of Murom, who became famous for his love for her husband and the reckoning with him a saint.

obvious characteristic Yaroslavna contains the features of all Russian women - and those who "stop a galloping horse," and the ones that will go to their husbands into exile.Russian image of the princess did not cause widespread interest among the public, because it was not known to anyone until the publication of the work in 1800.Then there was a surge of interest in this woman really existed, but the biography Yaroslavna with exact dates of birth, baptism, death was already available.You're known only that binds her to her husband.