Where is the Kingdom?

name British English sounds like Great Britain.Also common form of United Kingdom.Full country name: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.This public education in the extreme north-west Europe.Later in the article we will find out where on the map Great Britain is the place it occupies in the world economy and politics.Also, consider the device and the inner area.


looked at the place where located on the map Great Britain, one can clearly see that this is - an island formation consisting of four provinces.These include England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.United Kingdom is a unitary state, but the provinces have a significant level of autonomy.The capital is London.This is an important financial and economic center of the planet.Said UK predominantly in English.His status is enshrined as a state.


Territory where the United Kingdom, historically and geographically occupy a very advantageous position.Because of this it is always - in the past, and now - occupied an important place in world geopolitics.One of the largest to date of the United Kingdom also has a nuclear status.If we have to a world map, where the United Kingdom and other administrative units, we immediately noticed the country that freely spread out on the numerous islands and archipelagos north-western Europe.Washed it four seas of the Atlantic: Irish, Nordic, Celtic, and the Hebrides.The nearest neighbor is France, which separates Britain from the 35-mile English Channel.

Latitude and Longitude

it possible to accurately answer the question, where is the United Kingdom?It is not a very difficult task.To do this you need to know the geographic coordinates of the UK.United Kingdom situated between 49 ° and 61 ° degrees north latitude and between 9 ° degrees west longitude and 2 ° degrees East.It should also be noted that the assumed zero meridian, which just passes through London, and it is through the Greenwich Observatory.It is considered the starting point of the world coordinate network.


dealt with the question of where the UK, you can go to its internals.About half of the entire area of ​​the United Kingdom (over 130 thousand square kilometers) took England.Its space - is predominantly lowland, with the highest point - mountain Scafell Pike (978 meters).The longest rivers in England are famous Severn and Thames.


It is the second largest part of the United Kingdom, which, according to the upcoming referendum in the fall, can do to separate from him and gain full independence.Its area - about 79 square kilometers.Hundreds of islands of different sizes are located along the northwest coast of this wonderful country.Among them, the most famous - Shetland, Orkney and the Hebrides.As for the relief, the country is clearly divided into two fault Highland, and completely different in appearance, in the region.The first - a Highlands.There is, incidentally, the highest point in the whole of Britain - Ben Nevis (1343 m).Second - Plain region Scottish Lowlands.For the latter characterized mainly low-lying flat surface.This is where the most part of inhabitants of Scotland and are also its largest city - Edinburgh and Glasgow.


quite a small country, which occupies almost one-tenth of the entire United Kingdom.It has a very beautiful landscape, as almost the entire territory of Wales is mountainous and hilly terrain.The coastline stretches for 1,200 kilometers and includes the largest island of Anglesey.Most of the population lives in the southern part of Wales is home to Cardiff and Swansea - its main town.

Northern Ireland

Finally, the tiny part of the state, which occupies part of the island - Ireland.The area of ​​this territory - almost 14 thousand kilometers.Dominated here picturesque hilly area.And in Northern Ireland is Lough Neagh, the largest in the UK.

Climatic features

Country United Kingdom is in a moderately humid climate zone, characterized by an abundance of rainy days and fog throughout the year.The temperature ranges from minus 11 degrees in winter to plus 30 degrees in summer.The intensity of moisture are very different from each other western, where the bulk of the rain falls, and the eastern part of the United Kingdom, which are the most dry.Winter cold in areas where the United Kingdom is significantly mitigated by warm currents of the Atlantic - Gulf Stream.

Administrative structure

State United Kingdom has a very complicated administrative structure, in which each country has its own Kingdom there his system.Therefore, a single standard for the entire administrative unit in there.And it is unlikely it will appear as the countries of the Kingdom of the increasingly expanding their autonomy.

Features of the organization of local government

scheme of local authorities in England, perhaps the most difficult.The legal basis for the British government adopted nation-wide parliament.At the highest level England is divided into nine government regions.But only one of them, namely, Greater London, has its own elected assembly.On the lower hierarchical level of division - county councils, even lower - district or unitary councils.Members of all the structural units elected by the citizens of the majority mechanisms.Administrative structure refers to the separation of Scotland at 32 areas that are very different from each other in the area.The main criteria to be considered by dividing that part of the United Kingdom, - the number of inhabitants.Thus, the individual areas are considered major cities such as Glasgow and Aberdeen.At the same time there is an area of ​​Highland, which takes about one-third of the whole territory of Scotland.Interests residents are 1222 members, who are elected.They, in turn, elect the chairman himself.He represents the entire region.The Government of Wales land comprises 22 education.Among them are Cardiff, Swansea and Newport.Each of these cities appears as a separate entity.Deputies are elected in the unitary education for 4 years.Elections take place in Wales on a majority basis.Its administrative structure of Northern Ireland have since 1973.Then the country was divided into 26 districts.Administrative units of Northern Ireland hold a very narrow range of powers, which include waste disposal, control of animals, taking care of parkland.However, in 2008 it was decided to reorganize the system.It was also planned to create 11 more new areas.