Coherent waves

We are surrounded by familiar objects sizes;We know how big our body;We are sure that one chair is comfortable for one person only.World mikrokvantovom in microscopic world of things, everything seems less prosaic: a chair, reduced to a few hundred billion times and take the size of an atom loses its clear lines, as well as any smaller as the subject.Moreover, all subjects will fit into the same space, thus not interfering with each other.Why is that?In the quantum world objects - the waves penetrating into each other, so one may well be a chair to sit down and five and ten and twenty.Such waves are called coherent waves.

Coherence means the relationship, consistency (cohaerens - binding, is due).Coherent waves, respectively, have the same frequency, the same amplitude, the same phase difference.These features correspond to the monochromatic wave, unlimited either in time or in space.

to feel coherent waves experimentally things (objects) is not only necessary to reduce, but also very cool, ie,understate the chaotic motion of the atoms.And it is not just a "minus", but of billionths of a degree Kelvin.Wave properties of the same chair should become visible in the unimaginable low temperature - 45 K.

An interesting feature of the waves - the ability to develop a coherent, ie,an orderly and coordinated manner.For example, coherent waves in time - music.Yes, the music!Each sound-sounding melodies, its duration, its frequency, its height - orderliness and strict compliance.The weakening of coherence is perceived by us as a false sound, and the loss of coherence - as noise.That coherence distinguishes music from rambling and sometimes annoying sounds.

and the objects of the quantum coherence of the world brings new qualities as valuable to create and produce completely new materials, sometimes radically changing existing technologies.

is no coincidence that more than 40% of the Nobel Prizes over the past two decades are connected with the coherent phenomena: cold atoms, liquid helium and superconductors.

Methods for obtaining coherent waves:

  • tool to obtain (a division of the wave coming from the source into two);
  • division front.

decimeter-millimeter range of electromagnetic waves are mainly used in communication and Electronics.But over the past 15-20 years, their use has increased in the field of alternative and advantageously in biology and medicine.A shorter-wavelength ranges were used even earlier, since the discovery of the source of coherent oscillations.

You've heard of physical therapy?Of course - yes.This - the first region using coherent waves in medicine.Warming fabrics allowed (and allows you to now) to accelerate the reaction (both chemical and biochemical), which determines the therapeutic effect.The waves are able to penetrate deep into the body directly in those tissues in which they are sent.

And how valuable discovery hyperthermia!Back in the sixties of the last century we established: coherent waves are able to destroy malignant tumors.

Nobody surprises today and laser surgery, which uses all of the same coherent waves, but only in a very narrow beams capable of destroying both soft tissue and bone.There apply various lasers of different frequencies, depending on the nature of the operations and tissues.Virtually "bloodless" surgery, after which the patient recovers much faster.

analysis of new areas of application emerged wave coherence suggests that and medicine, and biology quite soon will be the main areas of application.