What helps me in my work

What have you heard about the Hawthorne Effect?The idea it to primitiveness is simple: people under the supervision of, or during the experiment works better.Therefore it is logical to ask ourselves: how can we extend this state, eliminating the casual observer?What For?For example, to work better and more to do, not being distracted by nonsense and reading Basha?

I to this challenge has decided as follows: first, I have a list of tasks for a week or two ahead, before you sit down at your laptop and start working on the first task, I turn the timer on the clock.The rule is simple: you mark the time that you actually spent on the task sinceaware that the problems tend to eat all the time possible.Timer hypnotic effect on me: I do not want him to pause to escape to read the letter to run and fill a coffee mug, or simply go to the ICQ.If I am someone walks into the office, of course, have to be distracted, but then I demonstratively put the timer to pause and address colleagues.Then starts the timer again without erasing the previous figure.

Does this approach?Yes, it works, and that's what he gives me: I'm doing the task entirely, without the distraction of third-party and own troubles stimuli.This saves a lot of time due to the fact that it is not necessary to remember that I stopped in the middle.

I have time to do a lot more things, because there is no unreasonable fragmentation of time.

I stopped being afraid of many problems.That is not something to fear, but sometimes when you need to do something, you always hesitate because you think that it will take an eternity.When you pinpoint the time and makes the task of the whole, it appears that more than half of the things that you do not want to do, take 5-10 minutes, not an hour or two, as it seemed initially.

I began to better plan your time, so I became more aware of how many things I can do for any length of time.(do not forget the principle - if you do something you can do in 2 minutes, do it yourself and at once).Within a short period of time I have improved performance and there was a clear prospect of career development.So if you have a performance problem or distraction - urgently to the store to buy a chronograph.

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