Potassium sorbate and its application

At present, the food industry uses a lot of different additives that improve the palatability of foods and are designed to reduce costs and simplify the production process.Naturally, such a significant scope for the person as a food industry should take a cautious approach to the issue of the introduction of any additives and products.

Recently, people have started to actively discuss the various additives and the effect of the use of GMOs in food.We are affected practically all the additives that are used in food.This is particularly true of group E supplements, which applies to potassium sorbate.

The problem is that the global food market, as well as in the markets of individual countries, there is a need to simplify production.This is due to the fact that the products to be delivered over long distances, and the quality must be maintained.One possible way of solving the problem is to use a variety of preservatives, which are designed to increase shelf life without loss of quality.

Among the items used well proven salt of sorbic acid, potassium sorbate or just.It has long been used in the global food industry.Sorbic acid from which the active ingredient for a long time been subjected to thorough research.The results revealed strong antibacterial properties of this acid.In the second half of the 20th century because it began to receive food supplements.

Features preservative E202

main advantage lies in the fact that this substance can be extracted from plants.This supports the use of a preservative, and confirms that potassium sorbate is safe for the human body.

preservative E202 does not destroy bacteria and other microorganisms, it simply stops their livelihoods, but it leaves the good bacteria that are necessary for the person.

preservative E202 slows down vital functions of harmful microorganisms, but it leaves the good bacteria contained in the human body and are responsible for the natural metabolism.In their absence, a person has violated the natural biorhythms, begins to develop goiter, which ultimately leads to the violation of other body functions.

In world practice, the preservative E202 has been known for a long time.For a long time there were numerous independent studies conducted on the basis of which managed to establish the basic properties of matter and the possibility, which has potassium sorbate.It is absolutely safe for humans, so it can be freely used in the food industry, without compromising human health.After it does not remain any harmful substances or foreign compounds in the human body as it naturally breaks down into carbon dioxide and water.

Although occasionally there are publications and scientific articles that potassium sorbate is harmful to humans.They are connected with the general arguments about the appropriateness of the use of food additives, and as a rule, do not have anything concrete against potassium sorbate.In fact, each individual additive must be checked independently, because they have very different properties, so that you can talk about them in a single study.

As regards the possible harm to E202, in the first place is an allergic reaction.In some people, preservative potassium sorbate may cause irritation to the skin.However, in other respects it is completely safe for 50 years of use of the preservative has not been a single case of mutations or carcinogenic effects.Even major critics of food additives recognized that sorbic acid, a preservative under the number E202 receives the highest safety rating.