Snowdrop (flower): description, photos

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Everyone knows snowdrop flower, a photo of which is, even in children's primer.It is a small beautiful plant first comes to life after winter.First, it produces a pair of leaves, and soon begins to blossom white bells with drooping heads.He fears neither winter frosts, nor snow.And if the many white bells cover the carpet garden, it is a sure sign that spring is near.After the approach of warmer days warns us it snowdrop flower.


Scientifically, this plant is called the Galanthus.It belongs to the genus of perennial herbs of the family Amaryllidaceae, which combines eighteen subspecies.The plant is the most common in Southern Europe, in the Crimea, the Caucasus and Asia Minor.Most of all kinds - about sixteen - is found in the Caucasus.

exact number of varieties of this plant nobody calls.So our beloved flower snowdrop pictures that even children know, a low grassy culture with two linear leaves up to twenty centimeters.They come out at once, simultaneously with the spike.

single, drooping bells have a white perianth, consisting of six leaflets.Three of these outer elliptical or obovate, while the inner wedge-shaped and has a green spot on the top.Snowdrop - flower has a pleasant but very low odor.He rounded fleshy fruit in the form of a box with three compartments.They are few and black seeds.The latter have a school adjunct to attract ants, take away them and thus spreading plants.

snowdrop flower has ovate or conical bulb is a compact group of modified leaves, planted on one common ground.


best time for planting of this plant is the time period from July to September.When prolonged warm autumn planting can stretch up to the beginning of November.Today, the market often sell flower snowdrop flowering, but this is not quite correct, because as soon as the plant material is in the land, he leaves turn yellow and wither, and soon all die.Although the flesh is alive, it is weakened.However, next year the plant is poorly or not at all in bloom, but not killed.


bulbs Galanthus not tolerate drying.They can not keep in the air more than a month, but if you can not land in the ground, you pour sawdust or wood shavings and put in a plastic bag.Planting bulbs is carried out according to the following rule: put in the loose soil at a depth equal to two bulbs, and in the hard soil to a depth equal to one bulb.But in any case it is impossible to plant snowdrop five centimeters deep.

snowdrop - flower, which itself regulates its germination depth of the root system.If it is planted too deep, it forms a new bulb on a spike, but at the right depth.


first spring flower - snowdrop loves shaded, but the sun warmed the place and soil with good drainage.When transplanting wild species need to choose a lit portion.This hardy crop that is not surprising.After the first snowdrop - flower that makes its way from under the snow.In the fall of Galanthus have to cover with a thin layer of loose compost.

With dressing this culture need to be careful.Snowdrop not tolerate fresh manure, so it is most suitable for complex fertilizers.

These plants are bred to flower decoration areas.They look very nice in large groups in rock gardens, as well as carpets - under the bushes and trees in the light penumbra.Some landscape designers use to create a white snowdrops in the midst of lawns lawn.


Amaryllidaceae family includes eighteen species.The most common of these is Galanthus nivalis.His birthplace - Forests of the Carpathians.At the height of the flower reaches fifteen centimeters.In this type also includes Viridapisis blooming in February, lutescens, which has an identification mark - yellow spot, as well as terry Flora captivity Puxi Green Type, Ophelia, and many others.

Another type - snowdrop Elwes from Asia.It, unlike previous grades higher - up to twenty-five centimeters.It has bluish-green broad leaves, big globular white flowers.This is the first snowdrop.Flower it appears at the beginning of February.To date, many hybrids derived Elwes, who distinguished decorative and great endurance.The most popular is a variety with large flowers Arnott, having a fragrant aroma.

Other species, such as Galanthus plicatus or folded, which gave rise to many interesting garden forms, Icarian, who came to us from Greece and today perfectly growing at Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi, as well as snowdrops Forster, Voronov and others are widespread inthe botanical gardens of the country.

uncontrolled collection of these fine representatives of the plant world has led to the fact that many varieties had to put in the Red Book.This means that every year it becomes more difficult to find them in their natural environment.

care at home

These flowers can be grown not only in the yard, but the house - in a pot or bowl.Snowdrop blooms the earliest of all the bulbs, give the buds in the middle of winter.For this purpose it is necessary to make the premises.

Because it is a very hardy and hladolyubivom plant that can survive at temperatures of up to ten degrees below zero, it is not difficult to guess that he will die in a warm room.Therefore, during the flowering need to keep snowdrop in a very cold room.

conditions for growing home

Two months after planting, plant the bulbs should be kept in total darkness.Then he will need natural light.It is necessary to completely eliminate exposed to direct sunlight.

optimum temperature for bulbs in the dark - about zero degrees and during flowering - a maximum of 10 ° C, otherwise the plant will die.

After planting the bulbs should be thoroughly moisten the soil, and then left alone, not watering as long as the pot will not be moved to the light.Thereafter, necessary to maintain the humidity of the soil, watering taking place twice a week.

Spray snowdrops impossible.At the same time during flowering they need good ventilation, and when it will end, it is necessary to cut off the faded head, and leaves to die back naturally.If the plants were fed, they should be transplanted into open ground.Otherwise in the same pot, they will not bloom again.

best species for cultivation in the home is Galantus nivalis - normal snowdrop flowering from mid-winter until April.Today, unfortunately, in the apartment or in the garden rarely seen this flower.And in vain!Even when the terms still dominates the winter, you can be sure that her days are numbered, when from under the snow, crawling through the fallen trees, the area appears snowdrop flower, and when it grows at home in a pot, it is a good "weather" and the mood in the familyprovided.