Beyonce: "I see the music."

famous American singer Beyonce Knowles posted on Itunes his fifth, in many ways a unique album, which includes a visual accompaniment of each of the 14 tracks .

In a press release, the singer explained: "I see the music. It's more than just what I hear. When I have something to perform, it immediately presents a visual number, or a series of images that are linked to somefeeling or emotion, a memory from my childhood, thinking about life, dreams and my fantasies. And they are all connected with music. "

Here is the 30-second clips franmenty from which you can get an idea of ​​varying composition.

Pretty Hurts

The clip, directed Melina Matsukas (she has long worked with the stars of the first magnitude, such as Rihanna and Christina Aguilera), explores the pain that comes along with the desire for perfection.It Beyonce appears as a beauty queen ("Miss Third World") that uses pills to stay slim.


Pierre Debusschere This clip begins as a film about a strict fashion, Beyonce appears in a sexy shape, which is created by a wind machine.


This video was directed by Jonas Akerlund, it is a study of femininity and "domesticity."Beyonce appears in a luxurious house full of horrors.

Drunk in Love

Beyonce performs goddess of sex in this clip HYIP Williams.Song visually accompanies her latest collaboration with rapper husband Jay-Z.


in this playful clip Beyonce returned, we in the 1970s, the era of disco.The director is the same - HYIP Williams.

No Angel

This clip Lil created the Internet, as a tribute to her hometown of Houston, Texas.


In the video for the song Ricky Sais Yoncé appear some very famous people: top model Chanel Iman, Joan Smollz and Jourdan Dunn.


pretty hot, it Beyonce acts as a stripper in a cage.Directed by Jake Nava.The video appears Jay-Z.


In this video Beyonce made co-director.She actively helped Francesco Karotstsini and Todd Thurso.


Beyonce again stands as one of the directors of the video between the sheets.We can say that here in the face of very sexy and long narcissism.


Version Beyonce accompanied by dance in the desert.However, it appears Drake.This artsy clip - the fruit of imagination of Pierre Debusschere.


In this amazing clip nenavorochennom renowned photographer and director Terry Richardson Beyonce just enjoys life and day, provedennnomu at Coney Island.


In this black and white clip of Beyoncé Jake Nava is on the verge of becoming someone after sunset.


Author clip - Jonas Akerlund.Beyonce appears queen of the streets in some post-apocalyptic universe in the style of "Mad Max."Partner singer performs Frenl Ocean.


Beyonce made co-directed this dark clip that shot Todd Thurso.Fans feel that writing the song Beyonce feat miscarriage, which Jay-Z also mentioned in one of his tracks.


This appears as a joyful daughter Beyonce and Jay-Z - Blue Ivy Carter.Video, as well as the song tells the story of eternal love motherhood.Directed by Beyoncé, Ed Burke and Bill Kirsten.

Photo Source: WENN