How to make a mandala coloring?

Today psychologists are different techniques for relaxation and getting rid of stress and depression.Among them, in recent years become popular taken from the Eastern traditions elements such as meditation, mantras, gymnastics chi and others.You can also use the mandala coloring, according to scientists, exercise patterns such beneficial effects on the human psyche, strengthens the nervous system and can get rid of the negative sentiment.

What is a mandala?

This element is a circle (which is translated from the Hindi word "mandala"), it is used as a ritual object for meditation according to Buddhist tradition.The sacred symbol indicates a place inhabited by superior beings - gods, in other words, is a kind of map of the universe.Also, similar patterns can be found in the American Indian.

Mandala (to paint these objects for ritual purposes can be used as an ordinary paint, and special formulations) are represented mainly by geometric shapes such as the inscribed circle, square and triangle.Th

e inner circle can be done in the form of a lotus flower.

Such samples may be flat and bulky (relief) of different materials and performed a variety of ways.It can be embroidered on the fabric pattern on the sand or stone, engraved on the walls, a combination of non-ferrous powders, cutting of wood, soap or hard butter also recently become popular mandala coloring paper.

magical properties mandala

These characters have the ability to concentrate the energy, so they are used as talismans and elements for the fulfillment of dreams.When you create a mandala coloring can be guided by the following concepts:

  • Circle - embodies a sense of security, integrity and orderliness.
  • Triangle - aimed at the top-up symbolizes bravery, courage, activity, otherwise refers to the desire for destruction.
  • Square - is the stability, soundness and materialization of ideas.
  • Spiral - for right direction indicates the creation, in the opposite - the destruction.
  • Star - confidence, freedom and spirituality.

How to make a mandala with his own hands?

Drawing mandala is a creative process in which it is possible to reveal the internal psychological problems, experiences and the like.Also, when it is possible to find answers to these questions and to concentrate in the scheme of his desire.In order to perform a coloring scheme for its mandala, which is the hidden meaning of any ideas, you can use tools such as the compass, paper, pencil, ruler and paint.It is possible to follow this course of action:

  1. Mark on a piece of a circle with a compass.
  2. Make a sketch of the internal contents of a pencil.It will be a main point of the idea, a desire that should be made on paper impromptu, spontaneous.It is better to close your eyes in front of this and think about the unseen, that I would like to receive or make a reality.
  3. While drawing, you can take into account the above points.Also, the mandala has a center about which applied symmetric elements.
  4. coined the name is symbolic figure, it should express the hidden.
  5. Ready sample can carry, enclose under the pillow, and so on.After the execution of desire must be to thank the Almighty.

Mandala coloring has become very popular, and its release as a book for meditation, and just as a training manual on drawing.It is noted that the use of such agents is improved memory disappears nervousness open creativity.