Removal of damage eggs: how effective is it?

Removal of damage egg practiced magicians and healers over the years.With the right approach, this method gives good results.Although he is considered a kind of rite, but compared to other rolling out an egg as possible saves manpower and saves his energy, it is therefore often used for getting rid of the children, or fear of the evil eye.

What is the main advantage of this method?If you believe the words of people with paranormal abilities, or magic of owning, any damage to the need for someone to move.Most often used for this purpose animals, black magicians make special ceremonies for the return of a negative person, who wishes evil.Some healers just release such energy to the wind, but this can cause problems at a passerby.Removal of damage egg just is versatile option, as all the stuff goes into it.

Why is the egg?It is believed that it symbolizes the beginning of life, and the fetus is very sensitive to the human energy field.To perform the rite should purchase domestic chicken eggs, then the result will be more accurate.You can not put them in the fridge!

Independently egg removal of damage is extremely difficult to implement, so you have to ask for help of a close relative.And best of all turn to the person involved in such rites is not the first year.First, it will give you confidence in the strict observance of all rules.And secondly, it does not happen accidentally move the negative energy of your mate.After all, if you do the ritual for the first time, not knowing all the details, there is a possibility of partial transition spoilage.

It is understood that for one procedure to get rid of the evil eye, and even more serious damage fail.The maximum number of possible sessions of no more than 12. Some missing and three daily rolling out, depending on the strength of the person who sent the negative energy.Removal of damage egg is better to exercise in the morning.It is necessary to seat a person in a chair facing the sunrise, or the icons.Then a specialist leads the egg over the body in a certain order, at the same time reading the prayer.

egg rolling out corruption always starts with the head gently down to the spine, and then to the hands and feet.The main thing - remember that it can not be separated from the body during a session, it must slide smoothly moving from one part to another.On the table to be prepared by a transparent glass with water and lit a candle, it is desirable to church.After the ritual is over, you should be careful not to damage the yolk, beat the egg in a bowl of water.If nothing strange in it, you have not noticed, you can calm down: no you do not damage.

If you are under the influence of magic, then you will be sure the egg is.For example, spots may appear on yolk different shades, it may be covered with a film or as a mist.It is believed that a protein characterized by the emotional state of the person, and on the yolk can determine the degree of influence of impure forces.After the diagnosis of the water with the egg should be poured down the toilet and wash off, and this should be done carefully.If you pour a little water, then negativity can take over a person came in a puddle.

In the first session, you can determine how the infection got into your house and your consciousness.If, during the reading of prayers you burn palm, then something is transmitted through the hands, for example, through a common thing with an angry man.Girls should consider that the removal of damage egg can only be done before the month at the start of the menstrual cycle, it is necessary to take a break.And the main thing: to help this method, but like everyone else, will be able only if the person truly believes in the power of the ritual in his favor.