The ring on his little finger

There is not a single person who has not at least once watched the film Gaidai "Diamond Hand".In this article, there is no sense to retell the plot of films, but one episode just need to remember.

When unforgettable Papanov Mironov called the apartment to "the" in the frame appears the hand of a man with a huge ring.The invisible audience "chef" open multiple locks and chains, and the ring on the little finger of his right hand mysteriously poblёskivalo.This little episode - and how much it opens up to the attentive viewer!

«ring on the little finger of something can talk?What nonsense!Jewellery: Lie ring, whether chain or bracelet at all - can be worn anywhere, though and on their feet!It does not matter "- ignorant person might object.But this is not so.

deciding on what is best to wear a finger ring, you should definitely think twice.Although regulated by the rules on this subject do not exist, but any decoration can not only tell a lot about his carrier, but also to some extent affect the fate

of the owner.

Ringed ring finger of his right hand at the person of the Christian faith says that the one who is likely to have a spouse or husband.Catholics also made to wear a wedding ring on the ring finger of his left hand.

ring on the index finger fitting to wear someone who just wants to find a more couple.Decoration on the middle finger points to the fact that its owner prefers platonic love.

But pinkie ring gives a person, whether man or woman, who has no intention to be bound by family ties.In addition, the owner of the jewelry worn on the little finger, certainly has a volatile character, narcissistic and selfish.Always ready to flirt, susceptibility to a variety of scams, risk and gambling - these are the traits that are inherent in the people wearing the ring on the little finger.

This is not surprising for those who know that the little finger is immune to the influence of Mercury.This planet is the epitome of sophisticated intelligence, talent, penchant for creativity, but at the same time and passion, volatility and riskiness and gambling.A ring on the little finger just indicate these bright personality traits.

believed that wearing the ring on the little finger, the most Bezbashenny adventurer receives protection from above.And two rings on the two little finger supposedly can reason with most inveterate gambler gambling gamers, or, in the soul sow unrestrained gulёny grain of true love and the desire to get his family.

But the ring on the little finger in men can also become a "cure" from stiffness, Tongues, help develop flexibility of mind, dexterity, sense of humor, charm and diplomacy.

way, it is believed that the metal of Mercury is mercury - the volatile and non-metal, one of a kind.After mercury is in constant motion, being in normal state in the earth's temperature fluid.However, mercury can not make a decoration unless pour it into the flask.But here there is a complication: Mercury is extremely toxic, even its vapors can cause severe poisoning.

Mercury, being a master of intrigue and having at its disposal diplomacy and artistry, perfectly finds understanding with practically all metals.So that the material from which made pinkie ring, does not matter.

But the fact that the ring has an unconventional, highly original performance, usually means that the owner of jewelry is in search of new sensations, unusual fresh impressions indicate a great hidden creative potential.

way, during the Middle Ages, Europeans liked to decorate the mini-rings of the first phalanx of fingers - this is confirmed by the extant portraits of the rich medieval beauties.

A Jean Paul Gaultier went even further: it is, based on medieval mini-rings, made ring-nail.So dandies, loves to wear not only a pinkie ring, but also a long manicured nail on the same finger, you will not have to worry because it will break - extravagant ring will be his "double"!