How to cook a cake with jellied fish: the most interesting recipes

Savory pastries can serve a full lunch or dinner.Any cake - a dish completely self-contained: here you and meat (or fish) component, and garnish it.Often reluctance to stop messing around with the dough, roll it and form the final result.However, it should not be an obstacle!In the end, you can build a jellied fish pie, which will take a little time rolling pin can be left in a box, and the whole family (or people) to please lush and delicious pastries.

refined version

If you do not mind a little work with the fish, take a pound of fresh fish fillets.Ideally, of course, it would be good to buy red salmon or other fish, but any, just not too bony.Fillets should be medium-sized chopped and fry in vegetable oil.To have your cake with jellied fish was more mellow, it is necessary to separate simmered chopped onion, to which at the end of a minute add chopped parsley or spinach.When the filling is ready, preparing the dough.For him, three eggs are ground with salt and pour them in sour cream and mayonnaise - and both taken over the glass.You can cook a pie and jellied fish without mayonnaise on sour cream, then take it in 2 times more.But with sour cream turns lush and tasty.

all connected components of whipped;in the process of whipping top up the flour.It should take part glass.For more air is introduced as a teaspoon of baking powder.The dough should have malleable, but not liquid;if it is dripping from the spoon, it is necessary to increase the amount of flour.The oven heats up to 180 degrees;pan or form of lubricating oil is poured into it two-thirds of the test.Then laid passaged onions with green top - slices of salmon, and the filling is poured the remainder of the test.Bake your cake with jellied fish is forty minutes - it depends on the size and shape of the oven.Ready controlled by a match or toothpick if sticky dough when piercing them no choice - you can call the household to the table.

for a quick hand

If you do not want to fry fish or cook something urgently needs, make a cake with jellied fish from a tin can.The dough can be taken from the previous recipe, but you can knead it into yogurt.Two cups of yogurt whipped with two eggs, half a teaspoon of baking soda, two large spoons of sugar and salt, to taste taken.In the process of whipping are also added two tablespoons of sunflower oil.When the mixture is smooth, introduced flour until the desired consistency.Depending on the fat content of yogurt, it will go from two to three glasses.For the filling of the bank opened canned fish in oil, the liquid decanted and kneaded fish with a fork, mix with chopped boiled eggs and chopped herbs.You can add the onion finely crumbled, but you can replace it with green onions.Further action - as in the previous recipe: pour most of the dough into the mold, spread the stuffing over it, pour over the remaining dough and place in the oven.

fish plus potatoes

Stuffing, of course, can vary.For example, to make a cake with jellied fish and potatoes.To take his advice to the test yogurt (200 mL) mayonnaise (300 ml).They are thoroughly mixed with a mixer, then add soda, salt and flour (about 9 tablespoons).Three pieces of potatoes cleaned and big rub;juice from them thoroughly wrung out.With fish oil run off into the cup, and she once again warming up with a fork.If it seems that the fish a little dryish, it should pour the liquid from the canned food.Two onions cut into half rings, and turned up in vegetable oil until golden.When the form is poured the right amount of dough, first laid out the fish on it - the bow, the last layer - potatoes.The filling is covered with dough, pie and jellied fish and potatoes goes into the oven.How to determine his willingness, we have described.

Almost Asia

interesting result is obtained if the filling to bake a pie with fish and rice.Which option to choose the test - it's the hostess, will fit almost anyone.The main thing in this dish - filling.For her, half a cup of cooked rice;even if you do not stick together we bought cereal, rice after cooking is still worth rinse.Onions - it in a pie is better to take a little more - again and mixed with fried rice.Canned fish can be taken - the same saury, for example, but you can wet, then it is also necessary to fry.Ready fish is added to the rest of the filling, which must be mixed with spices and flavor.The rest of the usual cooking: pour, lay out the filling, pour the batter left - and in the oven.

Owners multivarok

If you think that the jellied cake with fish multivarka not cook, you are deeply mistaken.You can use the following recipe: Mix half a cup of sour cream and mayonnaise, add soda, salt, 2 beaten eggs and a cup of flour.When the dough is smooth, in a greased bowl Multivarki poured half of it, laid out three slices cut potatoes at them - mashed canned fish.Poured the rest of the dough, the machine is switched on for 45 minutes of baking.When the time jellied fish pie with flips, and the same mode is activated for another 20 minutes.Delicious, fresh-faced and fragrant cake is ready.