How to cook millet on the water?

So it is assumed that as a side dish for meat or fish is usually served to all the usual mashed potatoes or pasta.But as a supplement to the main dish can be used and cereals, which are much more useful.And cook them quite simple.Consider, for example, how to cook millet on the water.But before you start cooking you need to buy in the store-quality cereals with the desired properties.To do this in this article are some guidelines.Also presented are several recipes.

Useful properties of wheat

mistakenly believe that for the production of cereal wheat used.In fact, the raw material is the so-called "bread of the East" - millet.Our ancestors appreciate its beneficial properties and is considered a natural pharmacy.According to the content of protein is superior to millet buckwheat and rice, it is rich in fiber and beneficial fats.Thanks to this regular consumption of foods it promotes the excretion of toxic and other harmful compounds.Doctors recommend a diet to include millet after taking antibiotic

s for "reviving" beneficial microorganisms and recovery of flora.But it turns out, is not so easy to cook this useful product.Need to know how to cook millet.And for that, going to the store for grains, familiarize yourself with the different varieties and their corresponding properties.

Such different millet

How to cook millet porridge from different types and consistency?To do this, it is important to purchase high-quality cereals.

Packing.To be able to immediately visually assess the rump "by eye", it is better to choose the millet, packaged in a transparent bag.

Shades of cereals.The color of grains may vary from whitish yellow to almost orange.The brighter and yellower rump, the tastier get out of her porridge.Dark grains make the dish crumbly, and the maximum light are ideal for lovers of the digested "gruel."


- Pshenko-Dranets.This whole grains, which are practically not processed, they are removed with only the colored film.Millet has a distinctive sheen.On the palate there is a very palpable bitterness.The most useful of all kinds, as much as possible all the necessary substances are stored.

- The finished.The nucleoli are exempt from plenochek and partly from the amniotic membrane.Yellow richer gloss have no seeds.This cereal is cooked faster, easier to digest.Ideal for cooking porridge and casseroles.

- Crushed.The nucleoli are cleaned and crushed.It takes a minimum time for preparation.Suitable for children's meals.

Why do I get and how to remove the bitter taste from the wheat?

As mentioned above, groats, meal - Dranets - tends a little bit bitter.But it is easily removed by washing with dry raw materials several times in cold water.This step is not to be missed, even if the technology of cooking is very simple and eliminates the use of additional components.But how to cook tasty wheat on the water, if it is not a high-quality accessories?It turns out that you need to look for when buying cereal at the store on her shelf life and, accordingly, do not stock up too much of its quantity.Millet, unlike other similar products, fast-caking and starts to taste bitter.In addition to soaking in cold water, you can eliminate the bad taste still in two ways:

- pour cereal after washing with boiling water;

- fry the dry seeds in a frying pan for 3-5 min., And then fill with water.

How to cook millet on the water, so it turned out crumbly?

To porridge turned out tasty, observe the following rules and guidelines:

- usual proportion of products - Part 1 of dry cereal to 2 parts water;

- sure, even in the absence of bitterness from cereals, rinse it several times before laying;

- the secret of how to cook millet on the water to get loose weight - the use of butter or a mixture with a vegetable;

- most "fat" component is introduced into the mess in the beginning of cooking, it is desirable when applying for each additional unit dose in the top plate to put a little piece of butter;

- salty flavor porridge can be vegetable, meat or mushroom perezharkoy and sweet - raisins, dried fruits, syrups and so on. D.

Finished mess after cooking for 25 minutes.let stand, without opening the lid of the pan.You can even wrap it for the best of longing.

cooking millet porridge in multivarka

particularly useful from a practical point of view of kitchen helpers are in the case of ingredients that require extra attention, such as milk.Therefore, there are no special secrets of how to cook millet in multivarka.This miracle machine all by herself will do for you, and keep up to milk "can not escape," and sustain the desired temperature for crumbly and melting in your mouth at the same time of cereal.The proportions compared with cooking water millet conventional manner, several others.Although they can be used not only for cooking porridge breast.Fill the cup 3 cups of water or milk and pour 1 cup of millet washed several times.Immediately put a piece of butter (about 50-70 grams), sugar or salt to taste.You can also add raisins, dried apricots, prunes, pumpkin, candied fruits and spices - vanilla, cinnamon.There are many solutions.Choose your recipe by experimenting.Then set the mode to "Milk porridge" and time 50 min.

How to cook millet for fishing?Recipe porridge

«Solar», fragrant Pshenko is also a great lure for the fish.She was particularly fond of large fish of the carp family.Consider the recipe how to cook millet for fishing.Take one portion of cereal and two parts water.Put them together in a saucepan and bring to a boil.Stir and reduce heat.Next porridge should simmer very quietly languishing.It does not need to interfere.15 minutes later, when the grains swell, you can check with a spoon, not burnt if our Pshenko.If there is a bottom stirring film - turn off the fire.Porridge is almost ready!Give it to infuse for about an hour.It would seem that there are no secrets, how to cook millet porridge for fishing.But here and there!As a final step you need to prepare meals potoloch weight wooden rolling pin for the test directly in the pan.Then porridge acquire the desired viscosity, and then be good to keep in shape and cling balls.In conclusion, arch her choice of anise, hemp, boiled corn, honey and other goodies.

fishermen good catches, and the rest of fragrant millet porridge on the table!