How to overcome fear?

How to overcome fear?The question we ask ourselves every day.In truth, the man since the age of informed and up to the end of life, the constant is afraid of something.Here are just a fear for children and adults are quite different.Fear prevents us to live fully and infringe our freedom.

Scientists say that the fear of a person - a natural process or, more precisely, an important part of human nature.The man is afraid of loneliness, of the future, sick, old, bandits, not afraid to be heard, of losing their jobs, and so on. D.

How to overcome fear, how to get rid of its intrusive presence?After all, in truth, the fear, especially unreasonable, it spoils our lives.

Effective and time-tested way to overcome fear - it is your action in defiance of their own feelings.Sometimes, in some situations, a person tries to overcome itself, makes do things that makes him fear.

For example, if a person is afraid to speak before a large audience, to not be afraid, we must on the contrary, speak in public and do it as often as possible.Start with a small audience of their loved ones.Believe me, it will be the most appreciative audience.Gradually, you gain experience and performance, as before, will not be for you to stress.Here only you will constantly ask ourselves the question, why so expensive cost you your fears, why because they have lost the opportunity for professional growth and personal relationships.

The answer is very simple.This happened because you did not know before, how to deal with fear.Our goal - to meet him face to face and defeat him.The fight must begin immediately, and the result will soon be felt.Your life is about to change, it will be much more interesting, and most importantly, easy.You can overcome fear through special training and counseling psychologists.

But how to conquer fear of the fight?This question requires a specific response that is not easy to find, when there is a threat to life.

For centuries, mankind has sought methods of struggle against the fear of coming into physical conflict with those who seem stronger.This is due to the fact that otherwise survive in extreme conditions or in a hostile environment would be impossible.

There are several methods to overcome fear.

example, alcohol.Not the best and not a recommended method, but it has found application in the Great Patriotic War.The soldiers, in order to overcome the fear of attack, given narkomovskie 100 grams of vodka.Alcohol dulled the instinct for survival, and the warrior courageously rushed to the attack, ignoring the real danger.Compared with other ways of vodka it seems to be very loyal to the vehicle, as in the history of the war are more stringent methods.

There is an ancient way of dealing with fear under the name of "entering into an image."It is based on self-hypnosis, it is used in the fight martial arts and fighting schools in India.

person knowingly waives its essence, makes feel a predator or some deity.This personal original model is removed together with the fear.This is what - the extent, the destruction of the individual, according to some scientists.Self-hypnosis is completely subdues the mind of man, and in the fight he is unfeeling beast.

The following method people their minds and actions do not bind to the consequences, as all attention shifted to the fight.Internal evaluation functions at the same time completely disabled.He sees before him only the enemy, his main goal - to fight.Man moves automatically and without unnecessary emotions.It dominates in this situation internal spirit - peace of mind.Judicious man, his actions are consistent and looseness, no fear at all.

How to overcome fear?In this issue you will help technique "Way ascetic or monk", based on the traditions of Japan and China.It consists in the fact that a person mentally as it scrolls and experiencing moments of his own death.This awareness of death is accepted as a manifestation of human life itself.Presenting yourself dead, he feels totally free and no longer cling to life.The man with the mind - the perfect soldier, he completely gives himself to fight against the enemies.He did not need to worry about how to get rid of the presence of fear, because he has reconciled with death.

If you have to fight, how to overcome the fear?You can also use this method - just honest to admit that you are afraid of this situation, but really imagine the humiliation that will happen if you leave the battlefield.If your opponent is in front of you, you put yourself installation to win and how to scroll through this moment of victory in my head.

For example, if you are currently a smoker, a little play for time, but at the same time Marshall script their attacks.Keep an eye weaknesses opponent.Thus, the sequence produced some offensive against the enemy.You scroll through this preparatory time in the minds of a few times, and then - in a bold attack.Everything else will be done automatically.

If you have already struck, think only about that and nothing else.The first shot - decisive, and it is programmed by you, and the subconscious mind set on victory.You will fight fiercely, the instinct of self-preservation man has never failed.