Conscious and unconscious human psyche

human psyche - it is a very interesting phenomenon.Formed in the process of historical evolution, it is a higher level of development.Thanks to the advanced and active reflection, which is carried out by the brain and sensory organs, a person is able not only to adapt to reality, but actively and continuously to change it.

Due to the fact that the mind is so complex, "singled out" two layers - the conscious and the unconscious.The study of this aspect has been the subject of many scientific works of Freud, who was able to explain a great deal in their functioning, to answer some basic questions.

In ancient times it was believed that a person has only consciousness, so he can control virtually everything.But the dissonance that exists in the mental life, constantly pose new questions.People always want to find an answer to the following questions:

  1. As there are dreams?
  2. How can they be treated?
  3. why a person has a dream?
  4. How are automatic actions, and skills?
  5. Because of what the person is doing clerical and reservations?
  6. As there is a strong desire?

Therefore, sooner or later the question of whether there is a conscious and unconscious in the human psyche, was to occur.The latter phenomenon is considered by scientists as the piggy bank all repressed, the secret thoughts and desires.

But you can not talk about that conscious and unconscious have a close relationship.To be precise, they are likely to act as "neighbors" who live in the same house, but rarely visit each other.So, a person who is conscious can not always guess their hidden thoughts and desires that are stored in the unconscious.These neighbors are not always good "get along" and did not know until the end what "makes" the other.Let us consider in more detail how conscious and unconscious together "Contracting" based on the concept of personality structure, developed by Freud.

According to it, our consciousness called "I" is a body of knowledge about the inner and outer worlds.Therefore, a person has an idea that he - representative of the species Homo sapiens, what is his name, social status and so on.This layer covers all the important system of cognitive processes, which help enrich the knowledge of all.But, in this interpretation, the man would have remained self-developing robots.Only complex "conscious and unconscious" is able to "revive" a psyche.How?

Unconscious ("IT") which encouraged performs a function.Due to the needs and motives, a person is able to keep moving forward, trying to achieve what he wants in a particular area of ​​your life.But if it will follow each as desired, the behavior will be similar to the animal.

this reason, Freud singled out in the structure of the individual third pillar - "superego", which is very important for socialization.What is its function?

superego covers the areas of the human psyche, which make it a party of social space.It includes: morals, values, ideals.That is the moral component is able to "tame" unconscious "It", the human consciousness dictating how to proceed according to the accepted norms in the society and the law.During the formation of this layer are responsible parents of the child, because he is "filled" in the preschool and school age.

It turns out that, as far as morality is closely linked, conscious and unconscious.Human psychology can not properly function without them.