Psychological features of the person

person's character is formed in childhood, and varies with age.Psychological features of an individual depends on his way of thinking, feelings and motives, so closely associated with social conditions and circumstances.

personality traits that are repeated in typical situations are the character traits.People differ in courage or cowardice during an emergency, insularity or sociability in the relationships and the like.Scientists have developed a set of classifications that describe the psychological characteristics of the individual.Patriotic school separates the two directions of systematization of character traits.

1. Mental processes form the personality traits

volitional responsible for the level of perseverance, determination, independence, organization, discipline, self-control.

Emotional internal processes make a person impressionable, sympathetic, inert, indifferent, violent and harsh.

level of intellectual development defines intelligence, curiosity, ingenuity, thoughtfulness.

2. The focus of personality traits forms

The system oriented nature share a category of properties in relation to themselves, to the people, to the world and to the activity.

example, a person relates to the world, according to their own beliefs or absolute lack of principle.The belief system is based on personal experience and education.

Psychological features of nature in relation to the activities due vital goals.Traits are manifested in the priority interests.Instability tendencies visible in the background disrupted the integrity of the individual and the lack of independence.Conversely, people with permanent attachments and interests simultaneously described as purposeful and persistent.

Psychological characteristics of different nature have two people with the same interests.After all, they may have different attitudes to themselves or to others.Therefore, one gay, and the other sad, modest one, and the second compulsive, selfish or altruistic.Two identification coinciding oriented differently understand ways to achieve goals, choose different behavior patterns, because they have different motivations.The need to determine the success of the psychological characteristics of which are directed at or just the desire to avoid failure, or an active struggle for the victory.Therefore, someone takes the initiative, and someone deviates from the slightest responsibility.

With regard to the people there or falsity of honesty, sociability, courtesy, responsiveness.

relation to itself is based on a healthy level of self-interest, while there may be underestimated or overestimated self.

Psychological features of perception

The man in varying degrees developed visual, auditory, tactile, kinesticheskie, olfactory and taste buds, by which the process of perception.

perception of space is to determine the distance of the object from the observer from the object, its parameters and shape.The operation of the visual analyzer, hearing, skin and movement receptors.Perception of three-dimensional space provides a person a special body, called the vestibular system, it is located in the inner ear.

to take the time a person has to use the analyzers internal organic sensations, except for hearing, visual and motor sensations.Some individuals they wake up at the right time without an alarm clock.Such people say that they have developed in the course of the life of a sense of time.

Not all types of perception studied completely, scientists are actively exploring this area of ​​the human psyche.