nature of every human being is made up of numerous psychological characteristics.Self-consciousness is the systematic analysis of individual processes within, their relationship with their own actions.This explains the ability to see yourself from the outside, notice the features that we would like to fix or, on the contrary, strengthened.

Many scholars have dedicated their lives to the concept of self-discovery, in which the object of study is the subject himself who wants to grasp its essence.Difficult and complicated road leads to the solution of their own psychological structure.

In theory BGAnaniev self-consciousness arises at a time when the child understands his actions and develops to the natural level of self-esteem.The first individual I ascertained over time - spiritual self

the years, self-perform daily activities autoregulation of mental function in relation to others and to themselves.

man lives in harmony with himself, is the way in which he wants to see yourself coincides with what it is in reality.If the image contrast in appearance and actions of the desired model, then there are mental problems caused by internal contradictions.

self-consciousness can be opened in the concept of "I - concept" from psychologists W. Thomas and F. Znaniecki.This includes all the qualities of his character, that person is aware of, as well as his place in society, what he does and that he could do in the future.

This individual is able to assess their cognitive, emotional and behavioral system.As a result, the person becomes clear why he thinks that way and not in another;why he feels specific emotions in this situation;what motivated his actions.

For example, self-identity can be seen at a time when the subject is pleased failure neighbor, but the feeling of it uncomfortable.He is aware of its artificiality, inappropriate under the circumstances.

self-concept is regarded as a manifestation of the three modalities

  • ideal I is a plant obtained in the course of education and life experience of the perfect model of man.It is important to bear in mind that the position of the individual may differ from the standard rules.For example, a thief wants to be like crime boss.
  • Mirror I is a combination of settings in which a person has his own opinion on how it is seen by others.
  • Real Self inherent in the genetic code responsible for the human ability, status, possible roles in life and in society.

self-consciousness - a system of psychological analysis, where the three modalities of further divided into four identical dimensions: physical, mental, social and emotional.

From self-concept depends on all aspects of human existence, so it is valuable to study it, to develop methods of correction.

Self-assessment is a subjective category

Particular attention psychologists advised to pay to the emotional area of ​​the self-concept, which deals with self-awareness and self-identity.Most scientists suggest that a positive view of yourself is the basis for the implementation of capacity in the professional field.Increase self-esteem often necessary for success in social activities and family life.

objectively identify undervalued or overvalued level of self-identity can only be a qualified technician.In practicing psychologists is not accepted to focus on the customer's high self-esteem.People with a high opinion of his abilities are easier to tolerate difficulties and stress.There are many techniques aimed at creating a positive self - concept.