Pavel Volya married?

Pavel Volya married!This news excited the huge part of the Internet community, as we all know that for a resident of Comedy Club has a reputation confirmed bachelor who does not even admit the thought that someone take the vows.

rumors that Paul Will married, were the first of April, in connection with which many did not take the event seriously.All relevant information considered witty joke.As the saying goes, a good laugh, and that's enough ...

At the same time, the Russian media have been actively exaggerate the news that Paul Will married.Many were literally stunned to discover who is the chosen one showman.A well-known athlete Laysan Utiasheva married Penza joker?Fullness!Can not be!However, the information was confirmed by the coach girls - Irina Winter.It was she who told reporters that Paul Will married ... That's an April Fool's joke was in fact true.

Life Will Paul

Famous showman come from Penza.His popularity rating today is through the roof.From a young age, Paul was able to cheer up everyone, and his abilities were later seen the leadership of regional KVN team with which he began to develop his talent.By profession Paul teacher of Russian language and literature.However, instead of high school, he chose to work a DJ on the radio.And after a while, and all was going to conquer the capital.However, in the First Throne of his talent went unnoticed at first, and he even had to work as a foreman at a construction site.

first career, everything else - and then ...

And then came 2005, when he made his debut as a comedian.On stage, he began to make fun of work and personal lives of famous athletes, actors, singers.Behind him firmly entrenched nickname "glamorous bastard", which is its caustic jokes for a few minutes to conquer the hearts of the female audience.

Thus their amorous affairs Will tried not to show to the press.However, journalists hard to hide something.

Before there were rumors that Paul Will married Utyasheva, media reported that at the Comedy Club residents flashed romance with singer tree, actress Maria Kozhevnikova and participant of the "Comedy Vumen" Hope Sysoev which went way silly blonde Nadenka.

However, the rising star of humor (Will Paul) had no time to think about love affairs, because it is completely focused on their own careers.He shot clips, and released a solo album entitled «Respect and uvazhuha."Much time is spent on radio and television.As a result, he was able to star in comedy movies.

Paul Will and Mary Kravtsov

Balagur cynic could not imagine that one day the journalists write, "Paul Will married.2013 - good time for him in his personal life and career. "

This humorist was not looking for love, she came to him herself.Once the shooting the next series of Comedy Club came impressive young lady - Maria Kravtsova that everyone knew how Malik - known TV presenter and model.On the Woman immediately noticed Pasha.

Malik also liked the sharp-tongued young man.After some time, the lovers decide to live together.Relatives and colleagues were convinced that the wedding of Paul Will not far off.However, the couple did not officially issued relationships."Glamorous bastard" was very angry when a colleague Mary on stage showed her attentions even rumored that Will called him several times to "frank" conversation.However, she was jealous Malik resident Comedy Club, which was another irritant nickname ("Snow"), to Elizabeth of Lot, who starred with him in the film "Platon".The love between Paul and Masha slowly faded, though outwardly it did not show.As a result, three years later, the young people decided to leave, and they did it without any quarrels and insults.Later, Mary was married to a man who was looking for a whole year the key to her heart, and still found.But as "glamorous bastard", it is a long time with anyone not start a serious relationship, so when the press reported that Paul Will married Laysan Utyasheva envy of many women.Still, to get such a handsome man!

Life Laysan Utyasheva

It should be noted that the relations between the athletes on the love front, carefully hidden from the "shark pen."

Only last fall Laysan Utyasheva name began to appear in the headlines when it was revealed that the athlete begins to litigation about the division of property with Valery Lomadze, who was her ex-boyfriend.Four years ago, an affair between them broke out, and soon the lovers want to live under the same roof.However, due to certain reasons family life I had no luck, and the young couple decided to disperse.Some time later Valery demanded Laysan return all donated them to the girl.He was interested in the first place, the car BMW X6, the price of which amounted to 3.5 million rubles.However, the trial did not take place because the parties did not attend the hearing.

Roman Paul Will and Laysan Utyasheva

As already stressed, their marriage was seen by all as a joke, because together they had not seen.Now many are wondering: Is he married Pavel Volya?Or is it another "duck"?Friends and family entertainer and is not believed that reckless merry might someday become a reliable husband and a loving father.

However, the "glamorous bastard" was able to dispel these doubts.That he was able to find the right words to comfort the girl, when she left the life of her mother.He became her devoted friend, beloved and strong support.All say that Paul Will serious about Laysan Utyasheva.

Lovers met at a social event, where they were invited as presenters.At first, they liked each other, and then became friends, and soon fell in love.

athlete did not want to advertise their new relationship as in the past repeatedly fired.And Paul himself was in no hurry to be frank about it.However, they did not appear in public: after bereavement Laysan was not up to fun.Paul made every effort to ensure that his beloved is not felt lonely and deprived.

Paul Will marries

After some time, Paul offered his hand and heart Laysan, and she agreed.The wedding ceremony without its magnificent celebrations and pomp, it was very modest.Soon it became known that the athlete is in an interesting position, and after a couple of months she will have to give birth.At first, the young couple decided what will happen as a significant event in their lives in Spain, but later abandoned the idea.As a result, Laysan gave birth to Paul's son in Miami.It happened in May last year.