Beautiful Russian name - what is it?

Almost every day we say, read, hear and write the names of family members, friends and acquaintances.Every citizen of Russia has its own name.They are recorded on birth certificates, marriage, passports and other documents.But not everyone will think about how there was his name, and how long it exists.We take it for granted, but it is very significant.

Why name?

word "surname" entered our language rather late.Translated from Latin, it means "family."The main purpose of the designation of a single surname is a family name, which is called the whole family, not excluding the most distant relatives.

little history

Everyone who lives in Russia, has a name and, of course, name.Of course, it was not always.First came the name, patronymic and then only in the XIV - XV centuries there were first names.The first, of course, have found their nobles and princes, then in XVI - XVIII centuries they were the nobility.In the following centuries, people got them servicemen, traders and clergymen.The peasants have gained the names only at the end of the XIX century.Origin of the name

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Most often the names of the rich classes is derived from the holdings.For example, Zvenigorod, Vyazemsky, Tver.Since the land handed down, respectively, handed down from father to son and family.

Many people bought them at their place of birth and residence.For example, the Archangel, Moskvin and others.

names of clergy: Zvonarev Popov, Molitvin and others.Beautiful Russian name appeared, based on the names of churches and religious holidays: Christmas, Assumption, Trinity.The origins of the names, you can hear the Russian Army: Soldiers, Cadets, captain.Very often they were given on behalf of the head of the family: Ivanov, Pauline, Mikhailova.In addition, the Russian surnames - is a real storehouse of the history of life and professions, the values ​​of which we sometimes do not even know.For example, Melnikov Bochkareva, Telegin, Argunova ("Argun" - a carpenter).

Each name - it's a mystery to solve that sometimes is not easy.

traditional Russian names

Undoubtedly, the most beautiful in the name of Russia is to be a resounding, spectacular and memorable.And rightly considered those of the royal family, such as Rurik.They cause some trepidation in his heart.

is no less sonorous and surname Vasilev, which translated from Greek means "king."

Smirnov - the most common Russian surname beautiful.Why is it so common?Before, families had many children, and the birth of a quiet obedient child - a rarity.Therefore, these children called Smirniy or myrrh.Gradually, the name of the church was lost.Now this family stress is on the last syllable.Another

least common surname - Ivanov.Several centuries ago, the name John covers almost all men, especially among the peasants.In fairy tales as Ivan the fool is always the winner.Now, some of the names of the owners insist on the pronunciation with the accent on the letter "a."This gives the surnames of some nobility and sonority.

Beauty rare surnames

history of each name is unique.Sometimes a native names are thousands of people, and sometimes we hear strange any names.Such, of course, relatively few, but they exist, and they have their own history of origin.For example, very few single-letter names: O, S and E. There are those that consist of a single syllable: Ahn Yong, even up.Rare beautiful names in tune with geographical names: Moscow, Astrakhan, America and others.Some names are obtained by fusion of two words.Some of them sound pretty funny, and cause a smile: Dobryyden, Zacheshigrivu, Hvataymuha, Schiborsch, Nepeivoda, Eybogin and others.Perhaps the beautiful Russian name - the one that is considered legendary.For example, Pozharsky, Grozny, and other famous Karenina.

Another group of rare names that have not received the suffixes, and stayed in tune with nouns, verbs and adverbs.For example, Frost, Soroca, pan, bitten, throne, Cluj, generous, nothing, Nabokov, and many others.

sonorous name for men

Man - the head of the family.And it is passed through the male line of the family name for generations.Naturally, each of the males is proud of its name, especially if it sounds nice.Men beautiful Russian names associated with aristocratic, that is, those who were kings or noblemen.For example, Romanov.This name comes from the name Roman (Latin for - "Roman"), and Rome, in turn, is an example of a great and high.Therefore, carriers of the last name may well be proud of.It can be attributed to aristocratic families, such as: Pechora, Vyazemsky, Lermontov, Shumsky and others.Kostomarov - the word Kostomarov.So in ancient Rus called strong, boned and strong people.By the grand surnames can be attributed to some "animal."Surely such names as Lions, Falcons or Eagles gave people with a strong character and will, those who are respected.Very appreciated in Russia surname Vinogradov.She was not given to everyone.It is only getting any for those who particularly distinguished.Another category of euphonious names - a war.After all, people always represent employees discipline, smartness, beauty, accuracy and precision.These names sound solemnly Mayorov, Gusar, Colonel, and others.

sonorous name for girls

Nowadays, for the girl is very important surname.Some even seek to change it.What are beautiful Russian girls names most euphonious?They can be found in the "animal" or "bird" surnames.Zainkina, bunny, Zaychikova - diminutive form of the word says that a person wearing a similar name, are treated with tenderness, good.

Lebedev Lebedushkina.Most likely, these names were given to people who distinguished his faithfulness, grace and slender figure.

Kotick, Koshechkina - for people kindly and gently.

Beautiful Russian name comes from the names and plants.Rozanov Rozochkina - synonymous with chic and graceful nature of roses.Berezkina, Poplar, poplar - fit slim tall girl.Aspen - a name given modest people.

Name, descended from the Russian name of the beloved, admired without any explanation.For example, Lyubimov favorite.

Names for girls

Surely every girl is proud of its rare or unusual name.Belenky - name suits blond girls.Interesting names that occurred from the women's names.For example, Mashechkina, Anechkina, Tanechkina other.Some beautiful Russian names for girls speak for themselves.These include the names Sweetie, Krasavina, good.Good - represents a kind and sympathetic person.The girls should be fine, and names such as Pearl or droplet.They sound pretty unusual, but at the same time very cute and pretty.

beautiful combination of names

Many parents waiting kid pick up their child the name combines with the surname.Indeed, it is worth thinking about the fact, whether the name is compatible with the last name.They should be harmonious, not cut the ear.For example, the combination of Adelaide Pupchik could cause confusion or a smile.To the beautiful names of the Russian combined, must adhere to certain rules.

  1. By noble families fit pretty rare names.
  2. If the surname is long, you should choose a short name.And vice versa.
  3. observe the harmony of sounds for easy pronunciation (at the junction of the male first and last name should not be combinations of vowels and consonants with large concentrations).
  4. not combined with the names of the rare discordant names (Gloria Goat).
  5. Do not turn the child into a full namesake of famous people (Eugene Onegin, Ivan the Terrible).Often these children are the subject of ridicule.

also found wonderful families, who comes from the ranks and professions.Many people like, for example, the names of generals, Kuznetsov.But do not hide the fact that in this case, may occur and some incidents.Last Zolotarev and loud sounds great, but it has origins are said to be "tainted" - a well known fact, than in Russia engaged people like goldsmiths.And some may find these beautiful famous names like Diaghilev, Nabokov, Tsvetaeva.As much as we might wish, but mention in this article are all beautiful Russian names is simply impossible.We will not mention the foreign ones, such as Montmorency, Lamborghini, Poisson.It is a matter of taste and preferences of each individual.The names as parents, we do not choose themselves.Is that representative of the fairer sex can be capricious in choosing the groom.

In any case, whatever your name was, appreciate it and enjoy!