Useful exercises for the development of the baby from the cradle

Mom must be remembered that for the normal development of the crumbs is necessary not only to satisfy its needs for nutrition, hygiene, but also to engage with him, developing the skills and abilities.

Let's look at some of the exercises are useful in different child age:

1st month.Develop hearing.Adhere to the hands and feet are small crumbs of rattles or bells.Use musical toys, made a soft melodic sound.Develop a sense of touch.Touch the baby's skin scraps of various materials - silk, velvet, wool, flannel, etc.. Stroke it with a brush, a feather, a piece of cotton.

2nd month. Kid happy for a long time watching the bright moving objects, listening to sounds.Hang on it, at a convenient distance to the eye, various rattles: suspension with handles and rings of different colors;melodious toys.

third month. Scarce he turns his head toward the sound may be a long time looking at her hands, trying to capture the subject.Now hanging toys can be dropped so that he could grab them.We developed the first motor skills - turning from the back to tummy and back.Engage bright kid toy so he reached for it.By moving toward a toy, it's easy to make crumbs roll over on its side.

4th month. Kid actively pulls things in their mouths, so it is important toys in this period are rubber rings, teethers.Develops a vestibular mechanism.Holding the baby in her arms, raise, lower, turn to the side.With the same purpose, you can use the big ball: Put the crumbs on his belly down and, holding it, slowly tilt the ball left, right, forward, backward.

5th month .We develop eye coordination.Put your baby on his stomach and at a distance of 70 cm from the face kata from side to side, striking the ball.Develop skills important in the future to walk.Place a hand under the baby's feet and gently push.He tried to straighten them, will "kick."The surge of positive emotions guaranteed.

6th month. During this period, some kids are already able to take a toy with both hands and manipulate it.Your task - to help your crumbs to learn this.Pull his arm around his pen for one to toys, to shift from one palm to the other.More talk with crumbs, read poems, sing songs.

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