Regulations in the relationship with your beloved: How to become closer to each other

If you're going to build a man a long, happy and fulfilling relationship, it is necessary to advance with him to build intimacy.And now we are not talking about sexual intimacy (although it is, of course, also important), and the spiritual, of the one described as "they lived in perfect harmony."

devote time favorite.

Just be with him.Defer all cases, disconnect the phone, if necessary, and just communicate, watch a movie together or just lie down in an embrace.It is important to feel that in your life nothing is more important in your loved one.

Arrange a surprise for him.

It may be small (or large) a gift, a trip somewhere or anything else.The main thing - attention and the desire to implement his dream.

increasingly looking him in the eye.

during sex or during a conversation - eye contact plays an important role in establishing between you invisible, but very strong link.Also, since you are giving to understand that it is important to you, as it is important that he says or does.

Be gentle with him.

tender words are very important for a man, as, indeed, and for a woman.Tenderness and care, feeling that you need, that you love - it's a huge motivation in pairs!

Be emotionally available.

does not close in itself, even if the offense.Say, say what you think and feel, show emotions (not "loonies", namely the emotions).This will strengthen your relationship and teach a partner to take you for who you are.

do a lot together.

Organize some joint interests, and it is better than one.Let him share your passion, and you - it.This experience, lived together, uniquely brought together as a couple you and teach you to feel and understand each other without words.

Be prepared to learn from each other.

determine what features you like it, you try to learn from them.Let him teach you what he masterfully turns out, and thou diligent student.Learning from a loved one, while you benefit yourself, learning new, him, delighting his ego, and your relationship to become much stronger.

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