Will my Scorpio and Pisces?

When two water signs, what are Pisces and Scorpio, they are attracted to each other like a magnet.Often, Scorpio and Pisces understand each other perfectly, whether it be work colleagues, friends or couple.Often it may seem that between the representatives of these signs there is a certain telepathic connection.For example, mother-Scorpio always feels when her child is in danger of Fish and Fish Head-wordless understanding the causes of tension slave-Scorpio.

If you look compatibility horoscope, Pisces and Scorpio are literally made for each other, they share an enviable and rare unity of interests and aspirations.And, it would seem that the common life is devoid of partners, whatever that may be, the difficulties, but it is not.The problem in this pair is still there, and it is a problem of weak and strong.At first it may seem that such a union is stronger Scorpio.At least, when we first met with fish, scorpion thinks could easily swallow this "poor thing."But with time, he will have to learn that in the competition for the most unexpected surprises, and in the competition on the strength of will, few can compare with the Fishes.

In addition, Scorpio and Pisces can not find a common language, and that comes to money.Typical fish under the authority of Neptune are known impossibly generous, and they do not care, who have deeds - friends, relatives, or strangers.Representatives of this sign seldom think about the future, they generally tend to worry about others than about themselves.Scorpio can also be generous only to know, but with the rest often stingy.Driven by the constancy of Pluto, Scorpio is trying all means something to hide in the "rainy day".Representatives of the mark may wonder exactly foresee trouble and always try to be ready for them.

fish much less worried about imaginary evils, but to dissuade the Scorpio is not an easy task.Often fish are confident that Scorpio arranges a storm in a teacup.Scorpio tends to be more inclined to silence and contemplation, Pisces also love to talk, but they are also characterized by periods of estrangement and meditation.In other words, Scorpio and Pisces can start a relationship in unison and complete disagreement.But, fortunately, it is more often the opposite.

Man Scorpio and Pisces woman

relations in such an alliance will be long.Partners tend to support each other not only in personal relationships but also in the profession and in the works.Partners easy to solve arising contradictions.The role of peacemaker in this tandem, as a rule, takes over a woman.In alliance girl Pisces and Scorpio guy-, usually harmony reigns.Partner, struck tenderness and modesty of his lady, trying every way to protect and preserve it.But do not forget that the owner of the Scorpion, and will not tolerate any manifestation of levity.

girl Fish devotion to his chosen one, it seems as if it is too accommodating.However, it can hardly be called spineless, in a conflict situation, it is aggressive and hot-tempered.Scorpio is a partner for its teacher and mentor, and influence the partner's fish, causing him to be resolute and collected.This woman Pisces often skillfully manipulates the partner, turning any situation in the right direction.Partner should not forget that the Scorpio will not tolerate excessive pressure and can just disappear forever.

man Pisces and Scorpio woman

Such an alliance can be called strong and stable.Partner in this tandem is more passive, and often becomes a slave.But Scorpio and Pisces, it seems quite happy with this state of affairs.Man-Fish - a dual nature.On the one hand, he is inclined to melancholy, on the other - is always at the epicenter of events.It can not be called weak-willed, as in a critical situation his character in strength is not inferior to the Lion.In addition, the man-fish - a skillful manipulator, which allows him to control others, without any special effort.

But the domineering girl Scorpio on the part of intrigue is not inferior to his partner.It attracts softness chosen, though, deep down, she considers this trait rather a disadvantage.The relationship of this pair can often resemble a detective story in which the partners are constantly watching one another.However, the male fish is able to mitigate the quarrelsome nature of the partner.In general, such a union would be the best.They're both dreamers and like a long time to indulge in dreams, the only difference is that while a man will think about the details, the woman is easy to make the dream a reality.Scorpio and Pisces are devoted to each other.And, if both make efforts in order to avoid the daily routine, the union will certainly happy.