Compatibility of the date of birth.

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In our dynamic age of practicality and the rapid development of information technology growing interest becomes compatibility by date of birth in the society.Almost every person interested to know how it can be a relationship with the future elect, close relatives or c partners in business.

For this purpose, you can resort to a great many computer programs called: astrological compatibility by date of birth, posted on the Internet or use the services of a professional astrologer.In any case, it needs to know the exact date, place and time of birth of a person of interest to us - the result depends on the accuracy of data.In some cases, the required and optional data such as place of birth.In others - you can do without this information.

only an astrologer, as opposed to a specific number of questions inherent in the program usually asks more additional information in order to calculate the compatibility by date of birth.Usually astrologer interested in the following issues: the environment in which a person was raised, what kind of education received any significant events or shocks have occurred in his life, etc.From these data dependent enhancement or suppression of certain qualities of man, which he was endowed at the time of his birth, depending on the location of planets.From the combination of these data and processing astrologer to know about the character of the person of interest to us and about what his life better deal, and even about the things that he might not know about yourself.

We are often at the level of intuition and subjective sensations feel to the person likes or dislikes, which in our birth horoscope explains planetary positions.And sympathy is not always identical compatibility.There are people who work very well in the team, but to live with them only from a distance, and together - ever.

Here comes to the aid compatibility by date of birth.Based on its analysis, the astrologer answers the basic questions of interest to young people: what will be the relationship between the pair in a family, what is the forecast for the development of relations, when and what can happen in a relationship.

future or present partners in a marriage to explain how they can adjust their attitudes, to avoid potential pitfalls for long durability and inviolability of the family unit.

astrologer will also help to find answers to the questions: in what situations and how best to lead yourself in order to avoid possible conflicts, what reaction to expect from each, and how to respond to it.Another important factor is how the partners will influence each other, how to determine what can ruin the joy of loving couples, and that will help them in their life together.Also, analyzing the compatibility of the date of birth, you can build a good relationship with their parents.

Today and enterprises one of the criteria taken into account when selecting employees astrological compatibility by date of birth.If there is harmony in the team - it is the key to successful and more effective decision of tasks with fewer employees.Therefore, when hiring applicants for a particular position, also considering, in addition to having excellent professional qualities and compliance positions, their compatibility by date of birth - to create a team psychologically suitable to each other people.

Summing rational use of astrology compatibility by date of birth can be said that the axiom, which states that a person can be happy when there is a pleasure to work after that happy to hurry home, in this case working.And to calculate the compatibility of the date of birth - very simple question.